Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Skaarlys from Raging Heroes

I did the last few tidbits on my latest Raging Heroes figure.

She is Skarrlys, and she will be added to my Dark Eldar army.

She has a number of different options, which is normal for all Raging Heroes figures.  This is a more standard arrangement.  I figured it would be a little more 'flexible', and possibly let me choose a named character or two.

Perhaps even Lilith Hesperax :-)

The Three Amigoes

Back to the Napoleanics!

I will never get over the sculpting commonalities with earlier era GW sculpts.

My guess is that the next time I need more horses to pull my Khandish chariot conversions, I could probably find some great horses (minus saddles, of course), for a great price.

I think Cathy would prefer that to me continually pirating more Riders of Rohan horses! :-)

Some of the mould lines do end up in more 'unfortunate' places on these guys than they do on your typical fantasy miniatures.  

These are a nice 'step away' kind of miniature, keeping the other kinds of work a tiny bit fresher, as it offers that change of pace from Fantasy and 40k.