Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Wheels of Justice

When you fight the Law, the Law is gonna bring some serious heat!

Here is the (almost) finished Judgement Heavy Support.  I still have a few freehand elements to add, bit at least it's all in one piece, and ready for fighting at Adepticon!

I have some group shots coming that show this with the rest of the army, and it really is a centerpiece kind of vehicle.

When I played 40k, vehicles were almost a dime a dozen.  I often had 2-3 Land Raiders is lists, plus numerous other smaller tanks.

It's a bit different with Wild West Exodus.  Multiple vehicles are not really a great option.  Since terrain means so much more in this game, a vehicle is not going to wipe out swaths of guys with one shot.

Instead, the vehicles tend to have specialties... such as this mobile hanging rig!!!  Yes!  I love it.  A rope with Jesse's name on it...

My Lawmen refer to it as Justice on Wheels.

They can do some serious damage, yes, but you never know who's hiding around a corner!

The rail gun is nasty, but it is the net casting weapon that I am really interested in.  This can capture human sized figures, drag them into the Judgement, where they can be summarily executed.

The wheels of Justice move swiftly in Wappelville.

When the Law comes for you in this death wagon, you best set your affairs in order.

I do enjoy the railway engine design of this.  It has the classic armored train appearance.

Each  faction has it's own unique vehicle, which is really fun.  Instead of a universal Land Raider, there is a Heavy Support that is meant for just one faction.

There are other Mercenary vehicles and heavy supports which can be used by multiple factions, such as the Doomsday, Flame Truck and Ironhide heavies.

More pictures coming!

Making it Nurgly, one glaze at a time...

We have returned to Cathy's fun fest with the Ultraforge demon.  As you saw in the original post, she did her take on the Shaded Basecoat technique, and then began defining areas with glazes.

Once she had made those initial washes into the open sores and other crevices, it was time to work on what 'skin' there was.  She tried out a new glaze color I had picked up months ago, but had not tried out myself... the Waywatcher green.

Now she is getting that second type of contrast.  First there is value contrast, the difference between light and dark.  Now she establishes color contrast by juxtaposing the greens and reds directly opposite of each other.

She wanted to hit the bandages and other items that needed weathering.  Since red and green together make brown, you only need to add in a touch of yellow to get something nice and icky!!!

You can see how she is making maximum use of the palette, presenting a whole array of colors for her to choose from right away, instead of having to stop and mix a new color over and over.

He's really starting to take shape, even at this relatively early stage.

You can see just how quickly she can establish even more contrast in critical areas with the supplemental applications of washes and glazes.  Very targeted, very controlled.

Looking nice and nasty so far!  I wonder what she has in mind as a base...