Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The rise of Lustria?

Well, I have been duly informed by my Master of Newness (Jon), that indeed, a new book, and tons of critters, are on the way for my beloved Lizardmen quite soon!

Lots of new big guys, which makes sense with this army.  Hopefully it is all much more playable than the Tomb Kings, although that should not be hard. :-)

I see that one of the new figures is Tetto Ekko.  I have to say, I still want to stick with mine, which I made for my army years ago.

If you are familiar with my scratch built Engines of the Gods, this fits right in with those big dinos!  I loved this character in my army.  I called him "Baby Babo", and even painted him in the same colors that I used for my Mage Priest.

I hope that his abilities remain as similar as possible.  I loved being able to re-deploy multiple units before starting a game, and his Comet of Cassandora was perfect for the unstoppable WOC armies in watchtower...

Here are a few pictures of the construction.  Heavy use of sculpey, of course!!