Monday, November 24, 2014

Are you en'thralled' ?

You have seen all the big, bigger, and friggin' HUGE stuff from the Mechanicus army thus far.

Now it's time for the little guys.  That is, thralls!

This was the first color test mini.  You will be seeing lots more of these very soon, as I have been hammering away at those too.

It is definitely one of the more unusual infantry troop types I have ever done for 40/30k.

A lighter shade...

The next few Rhinos, like this one, are going to have some lighter fur.  It was fun to paint this lighter color...

I got a chance to make use of Secret Weapon Concrete wash on the fur.  I love the Concrete wash, since it is one of those semi opaque washes that works so well in the mid tones.

While it was a darker wash on the fur, it had a very nice effect in the shadow areas.

The darker faces on these guys are a nice contrast from the dark fur/ light faces of the first two rhinos!