Thursday, December 6, 2012

Aim, Ready... Fire! Another gunner joins the unit

Here's another step by step figure from that Empire unit.

As you can see in this first image, it is absolutely vital and critical for our shaded basecoat technique to stay within all the lines, painting very carefully.

OK, maybe not.  That's what I love about the technique.  I can just slap paint on this thing with a big brush and work rapidly, getting colors on all the surfaces as soon as possible.

With each passing image, you will see more and more precision...

As usual, I am racing towards my lightest shades in all areas...

Once you reach that point, it's time to glaze and shade!

And again, once the shading is done, it's time to get into those all important middle tones!

You can see a little more definition in the SE-NMM

Working the blue mid tones...

Here I am putting some texture on the rifle stock and the little vials.

Final highlights are added, and some clean up on edges leads to another finished piece!

As I have said many times here on the blog, that shaded basecoat technique which I refer to is the cornerstone of all the rest of my painting techniques.  Since this is so important, I have been agonizing over my choice of miniature for that all important painting DVD.

I have decided to test out a Raging Heroes figure, which seems to fit all the requirements.  This weekend, we are hoping to do some more camera work and computer research as well.  Next week, I will paint up that test miniature to see if it will be as effective as I hope it will be.

I will post that to the blog for all of you to see!

Stay tuned!

It's our little secret...

Well, what happens in Wappleville does not always stay in Wappleville. :-)

This is a color test miniature for a new faction in the Dark Age game system.  The head piece was the most interesting element to me.  It would make an interesting statue or neat terrain piece if it were scaled up much larger.

This faction has yet to be released, so this will have to be our little secret for now! :-)

Mighty handy with that shootin' iron...

Just when you thought I had forgotten about those Empire handgunners, guess who shows up?

I have been working on those pretty furiously, so we have another painted mini for the movement tray!

Here he is with the unit...

Fire away!