Sunday, April 13, 2014

Getting ready for Reapercon

Time to get a horde of minis ready for those Reapercon classes!  Shaded basecoat and Glazing in addition to the basing classes.  Lots of Bones minis, as you can see.  

A pile of Secret Weapon terrain and bits as well. :-)

I used a very thick sheet of plasticard to create simple bases for the minis to stand on.  I grabbed some materials to fill out those blank spaces... those are areas that could also be used as part of the class as well.

I had some thick pieces of baked sculpey that can make some very nice chunks of shale when you cut them along the naturally occurring fault lines.

The horde grows.  I also used a few different kinds of cork.

More bits of material applied, as well as some of the Secret Weapon skulls.

This view from above shows you the difference in texture between the sculpey, cork, and so on.

Can't forget the Trolls!!

Cork and sculpey bits everywhere.  I also tried to get a few of the Secret Weapon body parts on the bases, just in case we get some time to do glazing effects on those!

A closer view.  Normally I would be using a lot of the Oxide Paste, but that is running very low, and nowhere near enough to tackle this project.  So, I had to go to the more 'old fashioned' gravel mix.  I will show that in the next post.

Now the trolls have their piles of sculpey, cork and bits.  Stay tuned for the rest of the prep!!!

Another Squad, another Tartan

I had some fun painting this squad, another unit from Victoria's Highland Guard.

There was a helping hand from Secret Weapon, with one of their very fine set of bases from their sci-fi themes.  I also added some of the shell casings, which I really love!  You can see a few of them on the bases.

I wanted to try out this more unusual white tartan that I had discovered during an extensive internet search.  This is also the only unit with red spats!

Arrayed with a RAV 6 x 6 with another weapon option.  Definitely some long range firepower!

Another brave sergeant leads the way...

Coming up soon, the mass preparations for Reapercon!

Hordes of Bones for Shaded Basecoat and Glazing classes.  A little de-facto basing going on here as well.  Stay tuned!