Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Forest Guardian

This figure is another fantastic sculpt from the Raging Heroes line.  She is Syl-Iriah.

She was the perfect miniature for the "Green With Envy" painting video.  It covered a huge range of colors within the 'green' range.  Not only more yellowish or blueish versions of green, but more and less saturated hues as well!

A link for you:

I sculpted the base from Apoxy sculpt.  In fact, I even crated a video on how to create this style of base.  They are very fun!  Apoxy sculpt is just the right material, as it is very strong, but easy to work with.  It holds edges very well!

Here's a link to the forest bases...

She's also here:

The Boss

From Ork Warbosses to the Legion of Everblight, big guys with pointy sticks abound.

The greenish hues on the cloth surfaces and straps were a handy foil to the reddish browns of the fur lining, etc.

Both of those muted war colors still provide some contrast with the neutral grays and the slate blue of the snow base.