Friday, June 26, 2015

What lurks below

This Reaper figure is something I was looking forward to for quite a while!

It was also the perfect opportunity to experiment with some of the new paper foliage that I got at Reapercon!!

It was a lot of fun!!

She's also here:

The Awakening

As you all have noticed, the last 18 months or so has seen my obsession with new and interesting miniatures grow to ever higher levels.

We really live in a golden age of miniatures, where the choices just get more amazing!

You have seen many examples of those here, especially in the early phases.  Lots of those have been fully prepped, and are being painted.  They have proven to be just as enjoyable to paint as I had anticipated.

Another set of miniatures will be added to that list, as some Awaken Realms figures are on the way from across the sea.

The images of painted figures in this post are NOT mine. I figured it would be safe to show them here, as you also know that I don't use an airbrush.

Here we see a set of Demigods from Awaken Realms.

This montage gives you the best idea of all the pictures, displaying the evolution from concept art, to render, to a miniature that was cast and painted.

I am really looking forward to getting a chance to paint this one.  I have all sorts of ideas for the base, etc.

What strikes me most about each sculpt is the flowing lines.  This stylized look is what drew me in.  It is wonderful for my brushwork, as the larger rounds and filberts will be able to dance across these long, unbroken surfaces.

I will be able to do a lot of blending right there on the figure.

There are also Heroes in the game, such as this character.

Yet another example of the journey from concept to actual miniature.  Again, the unique lines and proportions of these figures should allow for many interesting effects.  I can see a lot of subtle color transitions going on with the armor!

This is just a few of many pledge options.  I wanted to show these to let you know that there is indeed a game connected with all these fantastic figures!

We see some of the early unlocks.  I especially like the one at $40k.  Yes indeed... a must have!!

This seemed to be the best way to give you a sampling of the Demigods and Heroes.

So, once I have the figures in hand, I will do the traditional unboxing post, complete with basing.

Stay tuned, and be sure to visit the campaign!!