Sunday, October 11, 2015

Who's got the most pointy things?

This is a slightly converted Thran infantry figure.  The quiver of javelins was added to make her more in line with the rest of the set.

Thank goodness for paper clips!

Next up, some group shots!!

Darkness has Fallen

Here are some more amazing figures from the new Raging Heroes campaign!

These are truly spectacular, as this render boggles the mind.  To create a few signature pieces like this is one thing, but it happens over and over again!

In its full glory!


These are mostly close up views, so that you can get a better peek at these details.

Fortunately, these details do transfer over to the final casts, which is not always the case.  After several years of making these massively detailed figures, that experience shows in the ability to get that fine detail in a production figure.

When you have figures with as many things going on as these designs. it's very important that those areas be cleanly designated!

And finally, I leave you with this.  Need I say more?