Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Lord of Slaughter

Another new series of videos are about to be added to the list of tutorials... Creature Caster!

These large beasties are highly detailed and that makes them perfect for creating how to videos.

Here's an example of a test video that was done in a Facebook Live session:

Since the parts are very interchangeable, it allows me to paint these in smaller sections, so I can still get them on camera despite their overall size.

This is one of several that are under way right now.  In this instance, I am working with acrylic paints.  I have a few others in progress that focus on oil painting.

Obviously I made good use of my Vallejo Fluorescent paints, injecting them into each color that was added, which enhances the saturation by quite a bit.

There will be a few different levels for the Creature Caster pledges, including one for the miniature itself!  You will be able to see those here on the Patreon Page: