Saturday, March 7, 2015

Giant Critter, Giant Base.

I see that is all the chaos of the last few weeks, I never shot any images of the finished base for the Great Elk!

I'm very glad I remembered before I went to place the Great Elk on this massive platform.

This is not a plinth, folks.  This is the regulation base!  Huge!

Considering it's combat radius is 3 inches, this is quite the pie plate template.

The broken machine you see is the Fire Bringer, which is a resin terrain piece made by Wild West Exodus.

I had SO much fun with the extra roots and undergrowth on this piece. Normally I would use dried foliage branches, but this more vine oriented look was great.

I wasn't sure what would happen to it as it was painted.  if the paint has too much water in it, things get soggy and start to sag.

I can't wait until the duel between the Lawman and the Great Elk takes place!

The roots along the ground worked out as I had hoped, and I have used that on other bases since.

The sprawled skeleton worked out equally well.  It sets up another one of those 'triads' of interest, between the Great Elk, shooter and skeleton.

Stay tuned for when Base and Monster are joined together at last!  Then it's on to the Crystal Brush for large creature category.

What you find in the swamp

Look out below!  Or is that above, as this huge snake towers above you.

This is the finished giant snake from the Confederate Rebellion, one of the four new factions being introduced via the Wild West Exodus kickstarter.

Hopefully the step by step images I have been posting give you a decent idea of how I went about painting this!

It's always very fun to see those WIP images next to a finished product such as this.

Next up, the Zombie Queen and her pet together at last!!