Monday, December 12, 2016

The 300

Time to check out the next color scheme for the Gates of Antares Algoryns.  Once I started making bases using the mosaic tile texture roller from Green Stuff World, I thought of this Spartan Hoplite theme.  

Just like the previous ice theme, the faceted armor is ideal for some gold/bronze non metallic metal

The keys to the NMM technique are not very complex... high contrast and lots of reflected light/color.  You can see in these images that parts of the metal appear reddish, while other areas are a greenish gray tone.  This is the kind of thing that makes the armor look metallic, as opposed to nicely shaded yellow armor.

High contrast is also essential, as is reflecting the "environment" around the figure.  In this instance, the base.  These views give you a better look at the texture of the base.

The shoulder symbol was taken from the base, of course.  There are enough textures available from that mosaic tile roller to create unique bases for an entire army!

Here's a few ground level views to show you the shading and glazing of the armor on the legs.  Just like the armor on the back, the tones change from reddish to greenish.  I even used some fluorescent paints in the mix to give the colors and extra boost.  That is vital when you want to indicate gold, which tends to be extremely vibrant.