Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rumble in the Jungle!

Let's get back to the Jungle with another wonderful figure from the Lizardman team that RN Estudios sent to me.  The figures were sculpted by Txarli Miniatures.

Here's another Saurus, done in that traditional turquoise color scheme.

This was done with a lot of glazing and tinting over an very light teal color.  Even the darkest purple areas were done by repeated glazes of the Reaper Clear paints... mixing the blue and purple together.

The Reaper clear paints make a fantastic glaze, as you can thin them down with water without worrying that they will break up in consistency... and they dry to a wonderful matte finish.  They also have a lot of pigment, so they leave behind a wonderful tint.

There are a number of colors in that set of clear paints... red. magenta, blue, green, yellow and purple.  I really love them!

I even mix them with other glaze colors from Vallejo and Secret Weapon.

Here's a link to the RN Estudios website, with all of the INCREDIBLE teams to see.  I definitely have to get some more of these!