Monday, August 25, 2014

Waiting for fall...

With the crazy way these last few weeks of summer have gone, I will certainly take fall... if not winter, over this.

Between many tasks today, a few layers of paint were applied to that base set.  I decided to go with a darker red to contrast the previous marble color.

I also brought out a few weathering powders to tone down some areas and smooth out some textures.

Not quite done with these yet, but I may wait until I have some minis to put on them first.

They were more for testing some things than anything else, but I'm sure I can find some fun Reaper or Dark Sword minis to put on them!

You may not remember that huge batch of Mica texture forest bases, but I had some colors out already for something else, and I wanted to use them up!  This is the benefit of having those million and one simultaneous projects :-)

Painting the Mica is more art than science.  Sometimes the layers don't separate quite as much when you apply them, and you have to "paint in" the leaves a bit more.

This can be done by either painting some darker colors under those 'edges', or doing some brighter highlights along those edges.  I try not to get too crazy with those highlights, as the goal is to enhance the miniature, and not detract from it!

Doubling Down

All right!  Time to see the Castellax side by side.

Soon a third will join them!

It will also have a different set of markings...

Marching away...

Lots of shooty stuff here!