Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sculpting the Bronze Goddess: A diorama

Here is yet another piece from the Golden Age of Dioramas, probably early 2005.  This was made entirely from sculpey.  You can see the Reaper 28 mm figure on there for scale comparison.

I sculpted the goddess separately, and glued her onto the pedestal when it was baked.

Here are a few close ups!

I will more posts coming that show the painted diorama, and some shots of the miniature!  Stay Tuned!

The Grand Old Flag

When I ran across the images of my converted Justicar figure the other day, if got me thinking about this piece, which was created not long afterward.  I liked that banner idea so much, I just had to work that in with this figure.  

I had an old edition Nemesis Force Weapon, which made a nice addition to this Grand Master.  As usual, the base was very fun to paint!

Now that you saw all of those slate Grey Knights, I thought it would be an interesting prospect to have them side by side... or at least on on top of the other. :-)

It will always amaze me how you can take the exact same figure and give it such a different context just by changing one or two colors!