Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ready for fall?

This tiny little lady is something that I discovered many years ago when we first started painting.  I am guessing that it's an ancient Ral Partha figure, but I could certainly be wrong about that!

Painting this, it is an interesting experiment to see just how much the miniatures industry has changed since this gal was produced.

She's also here:

Split Ends

This figure was deceptively complex.  Dealing with the giant hair thing was part of that, but getting just the right base was also important.  It wasn't just appearance, but a matter of counterbalance.

I had to make sure that I had enough weight to keep it from tipping over too easily.  Also, the footprint of this figure was a bit different from a typical pose, and that meant a wider base.  That heavier, more dense tree bark did just the trick!

She's also here: