Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blood Angel character finished!

OK!  Here are the finished pics.  As I mentioned in the step by step post, this was an unusual piece in terms of the armor pattern.  The weapon was also something I had not seen before.  Sort of par for the course on Pre Heresy :-)

The base is another DragonForge Designs product.  Jon really picked the prefect base for this pose!  The cloak sweeping out over the front of it is so neat!

I was glad that I chose to make the cloak black.  While red might have been the most traditional choice, I felt that the darker, cooler color would serve to enhance the brightness of the Red armor.

Given the large sweep of the cloak, there was less competition visually with the base, which also had some of those same greys...

A perfect practice for the Freehand cloak video, since the cloak has the same kind of red... and even the interior design. :-)

Blood Angels in progress...

As I was working on the freehand cloak video, I used this guy to "get in the groove", so to speak.

Here are a few pictures that I shot as I was working on it.  The huge cloak was obviously an opportunity to do some serious freehand. :-)

I will post the finished pictures late tomorrow night or Friday morning!

Stay tuned!