Sunday, March 10, 2013

Introducing Ashara: Archon of the Fire Talons

Here is my latest Raging Heroes figure.  This is Ashara, a special character that comes with many extra weapons, heads and other gear.  In fact, there were so many additional pieces, I was able to use them to convert Kabal warriors into Incubi!

As usual, there was very nice casting on the parts, making it very fun to paint.

I enjoyed the glowing back panel, as I thought it would go well for this army.

I will be painting the Incubi squad that goes with this character so you can see what they look like at some point.

Here she is next to one of the Raging Heroes sci-fi Vestals.

I can't wait to see what Raging Heroes has in store with the upcoming kickstarters!!!!

Something old and crazy... Orcs on dragons?

Check out this old timer.  I am pretty sure it is from the Ral Partha range.  It would be an interesting character for a few games that I can think of... such as Celtos.

This is another one of those minis lost in the archive! :-)

Moving in... some figures in the fortress.

OK folks!  Looks like the Grey Knights set up house in the fortress.

I snapped a bunch of views, and here they are:

I was very glad that everything worked out in terms of size, and everybody can see over the walls, etc.

A close up...

The Justicar is in charge... 

These side pieces are designed to be placed in different patters, etc.  You could also make 2 different forts from this set.

If I get to play the test game this week, I will try to get some shots of it in the various configurations.

Till then!

Dragon Dude... Ral Partha perhaps?

I am pretty sure that this guy is a Ral Partha figure.  I could be wrong, of course!

The biggest challenge was in basing this, as the tail hung down below the feet.  That's why I did the sculpey rock base.  I was able to adjust and change the shape of the rocks so that everything was supported.

This is sitting on a 60mm base, so that gives you an idea of how big this guy was!