Sunday, March 10, 2013

Something old and crazy... Orcs on dragons?

Check out this old timer.  I am pretty sure it is from the Ral Partha range.  It would be an interesting character for a few games that I can think of... such as Celtos.

This is another one of those minis lost in the archive! :-)


  1. Very nice painting! I believe that this figure is based on an old AD&D illustration. Larry Elmore being the artist, I think.

  2. That is a great model, and superbly painted.

    1. Thanks! When I set down to paint it, I think I had to ponder for a while what I would do with the smooth skin of the dragon :-)

  3. The model is from the old AD&D Elmore and Parkinson masterpiece series of model boxed sets. They've mostly been picked up by Dark Sword miniatures which supply a lot of these old figs. Amazing work as always sir~