Sunday, September 20, 2015

Appearing from nowhere

A new day dawns for the Warrior Nation with the War Priests and their deadly summoned creatures.

The Apparitions are made of deadly energy, which cannot be killed or harmed.

The Apparition itself can dish out a number of attacks in close combat.

I tried to create the energy effect on the Apparition figure in a similar manner to the Chief Raven Spirit by working "inside out".

It was far more difficult to paint it this way, as getting the lightest colors down into the recesses is very tough!

Much like painting flames, I wanted the source of the energy to be the brightest point.

The War Priest was a more standard type of color scheme by comparison!

So, there you have it!  I will take one set of group shots with these figures alongside the Chief Raven Spirit.  Stay tuned!

New BONES in the Old West

Let's have some fun with BONES!!  I don't know which campaign this BONES figure belongs to, but she was one of a number of BONES minis that works very well for western themed games.

Just as the Flames of War vehicle was painted in the midst of dozens of other projects, this lady was given a dash of color here and there, depending on what colors I was using at the time.

You might recognize some of the greens in the coat :-)