Monday, November 6, 2017

A Larger Scale

As most of you know, I have been at this blog thing for quite some time... well over 5 years.  There have been thousands of posts, nearly 1 every 24 hours over the life of the blog!

I have also tried to create as much variety as possible, with every possible manufacturer and genre, also including all important basing, which you know is my favorite :-)

I try to blend how to posts with introduction to new materials and tools, so that folks who play with their minis have a great setting for them too.

As you can imagine, this takes a considerable amount of time.  Between the photography, image processing, writing the articles, etc., it can take 2-3 hours every single day.  Now that I am doing the facbook live tutorial sessions, that can be 5-6 hours in a single day of blog/tutorial maintenance.  

This is on top of the normal work that I have to do, which is a 7 day a week job all by itself.  For almost a year, it had become very evident that I needed to find some way to fund these projects.  I didn't want to 'monetize' the blog or you tube pages, because those ads are very irritating!

The Patreon route seemed to be the least obtrusive, and the most flexible.

The Patreon page has now gone live, as a basic framework with 1 pledge level.  It is $1, because I wanted to keep things as simple as possible at the outset.  There will NOT be exclusive content, because I have also found that irritating on other web pages.  If you feel like you can pledge more, it will help a great deal. I wanted everyone to have a chance to see everything.

I have one 'reward' thus far, and that is the chance to win a raffle of this Nocturna miniature.  All patrons who pledge their $1 have a chance to win this figure.  Should the page grow, I will add more of these raffle figures.

Hopefully the patreon page will do very well, so that I can make the raffle figures larger scale figures like this one from Nocturna!  I really love these, and it would be great to paint more like it.

I want to say thanks in advance to anyone who contributes, as it will be a tremendous help!  I really enjoy doing the blog, the facebook live sessions, and answering questions on facebook, etc.  This will just make it a lot easier for me to reach a greater number of folks!

Here's a link: