Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just when you thought you saw the last of the marble...

Not true!  Much more marble to come!  Now you shall see why all the Sisters have been mounted on the green marble bases.

I used that same approach as I did on those pedestals I showed you over the weekend.  Once it got to a certain point, I started to place the icon in the center of the knave.

Still just general outlines at this point.

I found a few container lids of various sizes, and marked off the areas that needed to be more precise.

I started to fill in a bit of the colors...

I wanted to match a few elements from that big base you have seen in a number of posts!

Just about ready to go!  I have even started working on a few cracks through the lettering and such.

Cracks are now highlighted, and it's ready to go!!!

The Sisters approve!

Here's the platoon standard bearer... flag looks a tad bit familiar, doesn't it?

You can really see how the breakdown of all the individual parts made this so much easier.  It would have been a true nightmare trying to reach in there to do all this!!

I didn't forget the columns!  Again, same technique with the filbert brush creating those veins.

I had a few advantages as I was doing the marble on the floor and the columns.  The floor was covered in magnetic primer, which meant that my paint stayed wetter for longer.  

The same for the foam on my columns.  This not only meant wet into wet blending, but I could use my fingers to wipe away bits where needed.