Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Earth Shatters

We visit the Shattered Earth once again from Massive Awesome.  As with the previous characters, this figure had a few different head options.

You can see some of the other figures that they have created on their facebook page:

While this set of figures has more of a 21st century military feel, there are also some more fantasy oriented figures that are pretty fun as well!

There is one more figure in the set, so stay tuned!

I tried to stay in keeping with the concept art as much as possible.

The Azure Sorceress

Since I had a few other "glowy" figures out on the table, I thought I would finish off this figure which had been started a long time ago as a possible test piece for the Object Source Lighting video.

Here's a link to the preview video:

As many of you know, this is one of the primary ways that I gain more efficiency in the painting process.  If I am working on something that involves the same skin color, armor, etc., I will try to cluster those together, even if they are not part of a specific unit from one manufacturer.

You can get the Object Source Lighting video, and many others in USB form here:

She's also here: