Saturday, September 28, 2013

A little peek

Here's a peek at something that was cobbled together using hideously miscast parts, leftover plastic pieces from a regular Stormraven I had won in a painting contest, and some other pieces.

It was a test of what I could do with my slate colored Grey Knights, which you have seen many times here.

I had the most fun on the red and white areas, since that helped to hide the craziness of the pieces.  Forgeworld has a tendency to send not enough or the wrong parts.  Like three right side engines!!
I have more images of this guys coming...

I think I may have done a step by step article on the base way back when.
Anyway, it was a fun experiment overall.

Blue skies...

Yes, more blue guys.  Two by two, hands of blue...

These were certainly some hefty hunks of metal, as all the command figures were!