Friday, March 31, 2017

Wappelville Lives Again!!

Something that was a huge and pleasant surprise this year at Adepticon was the discovery that Wild West Exodus remains alive, and is being rejuvenated!

For the first time in over a year, the town of Wappelville, and all the painted Wild West Exodus miniatures were out and on display!

Even with a few of the bigger beasties left behind, you can see quite the horde of figures creating chaos in the streets!

The buildings are all provided by Burn in Designs.  I have several blog posts showing how I painted those:

There's also the bank, bar and church:

Here's an article on painting the Jail:

I've done a number of Battle Reports, and more adventures will be on the way!

Powered by the deadly RJ-1027 energy, Lawmen and Outlaws duke it out at high speeds over the Badlands:

There's no shortage of fantastic minis!!

Division abounds in the West, as even the Free Nations struggle in deadly conflicts!