Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Enemies, Old Heroes

While the Lawmen patrol the streets of Wappelville, something lurks in the shadows...

Strange creatures have been spotted by very nervous citizens, peeking out from behind curtains.  The Lawmen have dismissed most of these outlandish tales as fiction, but they are about to learn the hard way that the threat is real!

Right down Main street... a small horde of greyish creatures with hostile intent!

Legendary Wyatt sprung into action to counter this move, with some help from Carl Frederickson.

The great K-9 bots bared iron teeth, unafraid of these new enemies.  They set upon the spindly alien creatures...

But more continued to arrive!  An endless stream of greys, taking down one Lawman after another with gouts of green fire!

It looks like it will be up to the Hero of Wappelville to hold the line against the Aliens.

Virgil Earp also lent his firepower to the effort.  With the combined support of General Grant, Lucinda Loveless and the Union, this initial threat was dealt with.

General Grant knows, however, that this was simply the beginning...

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