Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Blood Bowl, Demonette style

Here's another member of the Sukubus Studios Demonette Blood Bowl team!

After I had been able to work on a few of these, I was able to establish a color scheme a little more firmly.

I wanted to be true to the concept art, but create some subtle variations and markings that would make them more alive.

All of these will be an interesting exercise in working with the tiny variations in color temperature and saturation.  This is also against the backdrop of the greenish floor and tentacles.   Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thunderous charge!

Here we go!  Al five of the Tharn Cavalry together at last!

Seeing them all in a group really tells me that these are pretty active poses.

The javelin quivers were always an extra tidbit that I tended to forget about, thinking I was done with each one, only to remember in frustration. :-)

It would be interesting to try one of these without the need to match previously painted versions... I think some fun combinations could be done on the wolves!

In terms of non horse related cavalry, these were very fun to paint.

After trying these, I am even more interested in painting the Legion Raptor cavalry figures.

Who knows... perhaps some day.  Stay tuned!

We Are Back!

Hey folks!!  An old favorite returns with this Sidhe figure from the Celtos range, sculpted by Kev White.

The Celtos figures were some of the first 'high level' figures that we ever attempted back in 2002-03 when we began to replace 2D art with miniature painting.

They were ideal sculpts, as the lines were very clean, with a few armor surfaces as well.  That allowed us to practice some flesh tones, freehand tattoos, and NMM techniques.

Of course, my approach to all of these techniques has changed immensely over the years.  If I can find some old sets of images of those early figures, I will try to make some "Then and Now" side by side images for you.

Since there were not lots of backpacks, straps, buckles and more, we could just focus on the figure itself.

The base was created as part of my How to Make Snow Bases video.  I added a few things this time around, such as the Secret Weapon crushed glass technique, and even using some acrylic gel medium for the icicles.

She's also here:

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sukubus Blood Bowl team

We're back with Sukubus Studios again, and the Demonette team.

I have already done a few unboxing posts on these ladies, as well as a painting post.  They were fantastic sculpts, and very easy to prep!!  Also, the figures have been pretty resilient, despite the dainty apprearance.

I thought that I would make the bases a little more elaborate than just static grass, adding some skulls and tentacles to the broken stone surface.

This team was part of their first campaign.  A second Norse style team was created with second round.

A third team is about to hit next year!  This will be amazing as well!

I need more furs...

This Red Box Games barbarian is another part of the big combination project.

As with all the other elements of the project, matching existing figures is essential, but I tried to put in as many muted greens and other shades as possible.

Having the fur cloak to play off was very handy in the effort to put in the contrasting colors in the skin shadow areas.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kennel Club

Here's the last of the Tharn Cavalry!

These could be interesting in a number of other systems... Kings of War in particular.

With the multibasing system, these could make quite the diorama base!

Ready for Winter!!

I was finally able to get some overall group shots of these Legion of Everblight figures.  They are a mix of the older metals and newer plastics.

I think I have mentioned a few times that the metal versions are easier to deal with, even though they are heavier.

The spear quivers were a challenge each time I had to do them.

I believe that these guys are all on 40mm bases.

Now for some metal!

Again, they got to be pretty heavy at times, but the mould lines were in less unusual places.

There was also a difference in the shape of the armor.  There tended to be more variety from one metal mini to the next.

And the whole batch together!!