Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just say no to crack

Okay folks.  A little exercise in home repairs (don't worry, there are pictures of miniatures later on!)

As many of you know, I have had a running battle with water in the basement, now that every storm brings 3 inches of rain.  I had taken care of every other leak, but this one was tough.

First, all that is on the other side of this wall is dirt, which means it had to be fixed from the inside.

No problem, I thought!  All I have to do is peel off the nasty, very thin 1970's style paneling, get at the crack, and poof!

Not so.  What awaited me behind that paneling was 1 inch thick tongue and groove oak flooring!  Ouch.  You can see the implements of destruction required to hack through it.

Once that was done, I dug out the crack, just as you would do with plaster or drywall.

Then, some special silicone compound stuffed into the crack...

Beginning to spread that out to either side and smooth it down.

Just about finished!

Leave it to Wage, the Homeowner's handy Uglydoll.  The hardest working stuffed animal in Wappelville... besides me, of course!

Yes, I promised you pretty pictures of minis.  So, we have Queen Adrielle from Reaper Miniatures

I have painted this figure a few times, and it is very fun, despite the elegant simplicity!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Off to Reapercon... lots going on.

As I leave for Reapercon, I have been packing and shipping out dvd's as fast as I can.

Here's the area as I add in some of the 'specialty' videos into certain pledges and packages.

Last week I was focusing in on orders that involved sets of dice.

Into many piles like this!

Single and double disks have been sent in this way.  Two layers of cardboard, with multiple layers around the edges in between.  This is incredibly strong, and keeps the disks from bouncing around too much inside.

Yet another set labeled for the Post Office.  This scene replicates itself day after day.

Once I am back from Reapercon, I will get into the much larger boxes of the big pledges again.  By focusing on the 'singles' in this week before Reapercon, I was able to get dozens of them out the door.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Heading out West in a great Exodus

Here's an unboxing post showing the goodies inside the Wild West Exodus starter box.  It is a very impressive haul!  This is a view of the starter box...

Everything is wrapped up inside quite nicely!

So much stuff inside!  Counters, cards, rulers, templates, pocket rule book... everything you would need to set up and play right out of the box.

Some of the special characters and the light warbikes are in resin.  I will get to the assembly of these when I get back, and show you what that's all about.  The same goes for the plastic troops.  It all looks like it will go together very well.

A close up of the Lawmen plastic sprue and the cards.  If you get some card protectors, you will be good to go!

Now for the Outlaws.  Again, plenty of fun stuff.  Theses are not the only factions.  There is the Union faction, the Warrior Nations, the Enlightened, and Mercenaries.

A close up of the dice, templates, and counters.  Very cool.

Now for some examples of the incredible miniatures (these are not painted by me BTW! can't take credit for that).  These are from the Union Faction.

Friggin huge!

Even more huge!  Very nice resin kits.  I look forward to painting the Wild West miniatures over the course of this year.  Stay tuned for more.

Cleansing Fire: Sisters of the Raven

You have seen many permutations of the RAV 6 x 6 from Secret Weapon Miniatures... and here is yet another.

Utilizing the converted heavy flamer turret from the previous post where it was used as a Hellhound, I turned it into an Immolator tank.

The extra armor skirts are magnetized, making it an ideal platform for this special Sisters of Battle transport.

It is quite believable that 5 Celetians, Dominions or Retributors could be hanging out inside one of these with their flame throwing goodness!

Once again, the flexibility of this vehicle means more cost savings, but sacrificing none of the good looks!

But wait... there's more!  I painted a twin-linked heavy bolter option.  Certainly just as convincing.

That weapon mount is just as fun to paint as all the rest.

I used the same converted turret to place that weapon option as in the previous post.

Again, there are a ton of weapon options and combinations... more than I could ever show here!

If you want to get in on the multiple use action... see Mr. Justin and all the great stuff he has in his Secret Weapon Miniatures website!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Striped shiny pants

Time again for some more Celt conversions!  They really did make fantastic conscripts, especially in the context of the Highland Guard.
It did not take many bits at all to turn them into exactly what I needed.

In addition, there was plenty of 'canvas' to paint the blue woad effect!

One more batch, and then it's time for the Immolator.

Base Camp

As I was gathering together base samples to take with me to Reapercon, it was then that I realized just how many bases I had created!

Keep in mind, I forgot that a slew of snow bases was still downstairs, not included in any of these photos.  This first group shows the forest and swamp bases.  Most of them were created using Apoxy Sculpt with a touch of green stuff.

Another view.  In addition to the other clays, I used some sculpey and even cork.

These are the kinds of bases that will be the focus of the basing class.  That would be the marble, tile and cobblestone variety.

Here we have a number  of complex bases.  The Demon Marble bases and Mosaic tile... each with their own 100 minute video!

Plus, we have some old movement trays that I made for my Lizardman army.  All made from sculpey.

An overhead shot of the collection.

A slightly better view of the Lizard theme sculpey.

A bigger shot of the whole group.  There are even some Ice/crystal bases and wood planks.

Ground level!  The bases in the middle are from the Sci-fi series.

Happy bunnies at easter with special treats!!!

Close up on the mosaic tiles.  They are very fun, but also far too complex to tackle in such a short period as the class.  That's why I did the videos. :-)