Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A bad hair day?

This very unusual figure is Archmagos Draykavac, part of the Forgeworld Mechanicus line.

I am almost done with the altar section of this piece, which I will post tomorrow night.

Safe to say all the power cables and such can drive a person nuts :-)

It Rages again...

I didn't realize just how many Raging Heroes figures I have around here... many of which were painted for my Adepticon tournament army a few years ago.

I used various Blood Vestals and characters such as this with my Dark Eldar army.

The kickstarter has been live for almost a week now... here it is!

More Dragoons

More and more Dragoons keep getting added onto the original batch...

It's definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It has certainly snowed enough this spring to bring Santa down early.

It still amazes me how different they look with a slightly different color coat!

And yes, still having fun painting horsies!!

The bird's eye view...

Coming at you!  More coming as well.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Sister power!

Here she is... the second Yi sister from Wild West Exodus.

The kickstarter enters the final day.

Just hours to go!!!!

Painting the Battle Train... Lawman style

With the return from Adepticon not quite achieved, I attempted to get some paint on it prior to our podcast.

The initial layers were simply a mix of black craft paint and some metallics.

These are still early days in the painting process, but I wanted to sketch out some things.

I really was not set on a particular color scheme, but I knew that I wanted it to be a hybrid of what I was doing with both the Lawmen and my Union posses...

So, the markings would definitely have to be a combination of both!

Much more detail will be added as time goes by, but I am working through what might be RJ-1027 glow, weathering, and other items.

Lathan is also working on some rails for this beast, which will truly complete the ensemble.

I will be picking out lots of the rivets, using weathering products, such as Secret Weapon powders, and more.

The interiors have no paint at all, so I will be doing that in the coming days as well.  That will not be easy, as I will have to dig that brush down into those crevices... 

Looking back at an even earlier stage, you can see what the rear cars looked like with no freehand, and no picking out of edges, or anything of the sort.

I knew that it would make a significant difference, but I am really surprised just how much it has!

There will also be a lot of reinforcing of the darker lines, which inevitably get wiped out a bit.  I will also be doing some final layers of dust powders along the bottom sections of each car as well.

I decided that this train should be part of the Union Pacific Railroad, as all of the trains are coming from the Eastern U.S.  These trains will be loaded with all kinds of heavy gear, destined for Wappelville.

After the recent epic battles in town, there will be much that needs to be replacing.  Interceptors, Ur Lawbots, even more of the terrifying air machines!!

Carpathian will not allow such massive amounts of weaponry to get to Wappelville... I think it's quite likely that the dastardly alliance of Carpathian and Jesse will lead to serious carnage on the Rails!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sneaky and cheeky

Number three of the very odd Myrmidons.

You will be seeing some more of them soon.

And the second batch of Thralls... and their HUGE transport.

On the Edge of success!

There are a few kickstarters that are nearing their close in the coming days, and this is certainly one to follow!

It's The Edge, from Awaken Realms.

I have been very impressed by these figures, and they will be very fun to paint.  

I see the opportunity for all kind of fantastic effects.  I am working on one right now, and it has been fantastic!

I enjoy the dramatic posing...

And the unusual creatures!

Here's a few images from the kickstarter itself, which explain some of your pledge options.

I would be sooooooo excited to paint the Ish platform piece.  Wow!

This is a fun side by side which gives you an indication of what could be done later with a few touches of paint. :-)

They continue to come up with stunning new concepts such as this.  Yes, I must be a part of that!

You can also, right here: