Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Girl on Fire!

You have already seen the Willa Shaw on foot, but now we have an even deadlier version of Willa!

Mounted on her Iron Horse, she is set to wreak all kinds of havoc on the enemies of the Union.

The exhaust was a quandary for the longest time.  I just didn't know what to do with it.  Should it be simply a dust color?

I had red in one of the novels about red smoke from the Iron Horse, which made me think that some glowing smoke could be very fun.  That turned out to be quite true!!!

Bully on Mierce

Beastmen in beast mode!

I am still not quite sure why I came  up with the color mixtures for the skin tones.  I think that it was nothing more than the colors I used were closer to me ;-)

There were also large areas of more clearly defined shapes in the face and such, which allowed me to do a lot of nice work in the darks.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Back into the red again...

It's been a long time since you have seen some Red Box Games figures here.  I have been painting them all along... you just haven't seen them :-)

This is a group of stealthy archers that was painted recently.

Once again, another exercise in those subtle browns.  I really enjoyed getting the greenish hues into the otherwise reddish brown hood!

I then too that same color and used it to create some more interest in the yellowish mid-tones.

Many more to come, just like the Beastmen.

A motley crew

Here you go!  The complete crew for Clash for a Cure.

At last, bases and miniatures all together, setting the scene.

I have a variety of pirate minis here... some Reaper, and even some 7th Seas.  That means I will have to make some more bases like these and start creating more pirate crews!

I also had a lot of fun with all the varieties of browns.  Some had more green, more yellow, more red, and so on.

Varying the intensity of the browns is also part of the contrast hat trick.

Some of the browns were made more muted by having an even balance of green and red.  The two contrasting colors actually negate each other when mixed in equal amounts.

Otherwise, having more of the red, green or yellow show through in the browns will make it 'brighter'

I hope you enjoyed this set!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's Colonel Sanders!

This was one of the more humorous Artizan miniatures.  I instantly thought of Colonel Sanders.

He will make a very interesting civilian for our Wild West Exodus games!  We might have to create a chicken shack!

First rule of Book Club: we never talk about Book Club

Grab your library cards and your reading spectacles folks!!!  Some serious book learnin' is coming to Wappelville!!

This is Carolina's Books, the newest establishment in Wappelville.

Yes, Lathan has been at it again, creating a truly amazing structure.  Just look at all the places where you can play peek a boo!!!

There's plenty of spaces for snipers on the roof, or even some close combat.

You can get to all the various levels by the way of interior ladders and stairways, which is very crucial in a game such as Wild West Exodus.

These covered balconies will allow for a lot of extra action types, as opposed to a more stand and shoot tete a tete.

The arches on the doors, balconies and windows are really distinctive, as it the roof crown.

These windows look fantastic!!!  Again, they go so well with all the other design elements.

Of course, more than looks were considered in the engineering of this marvel.  Each level gives you plenty of room to actually fit those miniatures!

I was able to get over a dozen figures on the various porches and overhangs with no problem.  That does not even count the roof or the interior!!

Looks like Judge Stern is about to go in and grab some more law books...

Did I mention interior?  Check this out!  This is the second floor.  Note the stairways and the ladders.

And for the ground floor.  Yes, those are book shelves!!  Hundreds of volumes.

And there's even a counter and register where you can make your purchases.

Sierra seems to have an issue over the reading choices that Judge Stern is making.  You know what they say about book club?

Monday, June 29, 2015

A bottle of rum

This is the final miniature in the set created for Clash for a Cure.

The Privateer Press buccaneers were a lot of fun!

I do have a set of group shots coming as well!  Stay tuned.