Sunday, March 1, 2015

Strength, Law and Statehood: The Lawmen of Wappelville

At long last, the Wild West kickstarter is LIVE!!!

Here's a link:

While more has been added since this photo shoot, I thought it was time to reveal the Lawmen of Wappelville as a posse!

It is really incredible to think that in addition to posses like this, I have my Warrior Nation, Holy Order of Man, and even Outlaws to build up as I have with these guys.  All of these existing factions will be getting new items via the kickstarter.

Better still, those 4 new factions that are emerging from the kickstarter will create just as many incredible opportunities for painting as my Lawmen have...

I really enjoy the synergies of the game, and how each miniature is tied into the next during a game.  This is a lot more fun than isolated figs doing their own thing on the tabletop.

I know that lots of fun new abilities are being planned for the new factions.  I can't wait to see them, in addition to all the fantastic minis coming our way!

Each of them will present something entirely different, but also be filled with a very solid back story.  This makes it much easier to come up with campaigns and themed fights.

Hopefully lots (or all!) of the stretch goals will be met.  I think lots of folks will join in and cast their lot with the weird West!!!!

Finishing Unfinished Business!!!

Here we go folks!!!!  It's almost here!!!

The Wild West Exodus kickstarter begins.... 10 am Chicago time.

As you have seen over the last few days, four new factions on the way, along with new units for existing factions!

Each one of the new posses presents new game play options, and lots of fun painting as well.

I am certainly looking forward to all four of them!

Where possible, I will be doing some step by step articles on the blog showing how I paint them...

During the run of the kickstarter, I will be showing other new units that will be joining the game.  Zombie queens, mercenaries, new Dark Council figures and more!!

There are some really nice stretch goals, so hopefully we will hit a good chunk of them.

Check it out here!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rally round the flag!!!

Huzzah!  I have been looking forward to making a few banner bearers for the Napoleanics!

In the end, I printed the banners so that they would be the correct size, and not be shiny!  The banners that came in the box were very stiff on shiny stock.  I printed them on a more flexible stock, so that they could be shaped a bit.

I used weathering powders to shade it, and painted around the edges to hide any cut lines, etc.

The Wappelville Highway Patrol

If you want to have the fastest gun in the West, it's not a bad idea to plant yourself on one of these!

Today we have another Interceptor for the Lawmen.  This makes three, with number four on the way!

The nature of the sculpt, and it's very small footprint, means that it can be based in all kinds of fun ways.

Bark and branch set the scene, as the Highway Patrol is on the lookout for hooligans and Outlaws. 

I can't wait to see what kind of light support units are created for the 4 new factions that will be part of the Wild West Exodus kickstarter!  I'm sure they will be very interesting!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Walking into darkness

This is the last of the new faction bosses to introduce... for now!

We have Walks Looking of the Dark Nation, who has been turned away from the path set by the Great Spirit.  Corrupted by vanity and the use of RJ-1027, she now leads the fallen warriors and beasts of this sinister posse.

I had a great deal of fun painting this, using seafoam green and pink to create many of the gray colors on the flesh and wings.  These gave a little more depth to the skin colors, which is very important on a limited palette exercise such as this.

Since the clothes and weapons were not going to be bright and shiny either, it could have become very boring.  So, I attempted to add interest to the wings to create a 'frame' around the figure.

I also wanted them to be somewhat lighter, so that the darker colors of the clothes could stand out a bit.

I'm sure she will be every bit as nasty on the battlefield as she was in her Warrior Nation days!

More examples of what's coming for the Dark Nation.

Who wouldn't love to paint up a batch of these?

To this Heavy Support choice, I say YES!!!!!!!

There he stands, like a Stone Wall...

One day closer, and one more faction, or posse, boss is revealed.  It's Stonewall of the Confederate Rebellion.

The surviving Confederate forces have retreated to the deep south, and fight a guerrilla campaign against their hated enemies.

Hit and run tactics will be the trademark of this posse for sure!

To aid in that sneak attack potential, a massive stretch goal heavy support!

A helping hand from the Zombie Queen and some giant snakes couldn't hurt, either!

March 1st sooo close!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

They're watching us...

Cowboys vs Aliens!  Yes indeed, the Watchers are one of the new factions which will be revealed, in more ways than one, in the upcoming Wild West Exodus kickstarter.

These tricksy aliens have been working behind the scenes for an untold number of centuries, but now they will emerge to engage Mankind in person!!

This is the first Boss of the Watchers, Alpha.

Obviously no reliance on RJ-1027 here, as they glow green...

I have heard that they have some mind blowing abilities that could make them one of the most unique factions I have seen in any game system.

More of the Little Grey Men...  The countdown continues!!!