Saturday, December 20, 2014

One more Charge!

These horses just never seem to end, don't they?

Many more on the way too... in fact, some big group shots are coming!

Ride along...

Marse Robert shall lead them

This was one of the most unique armies I have ever made.  A few years ago, Marty and I decided to do the WFB team tournament at Adepticon.

He had already made a sizeable Fantasy Dwarf army themed after the Iron Brigade.  He sculpted thier very unique hats, made specific unit flags, and so on.

We thought that it might be fun to do a crazy allied army set of Dwarves and Chaos Dwarfs.

The concept was that as the two enemies fought constantly against each other, many other races had infested their territories.  They were both pushed to Appomattox Court House, where the Wretched Alliance of Appomattox was formed.

The 'Union' side would provide more pure firepower, while the 'Confederate', or Chaos Dwarfs, would dabble in magic!

I have a number of posts on the construction of this army, including posts showing how these dwarves were converted...

Each one was given different equipment, and I tried to vary the colors on each one, in true butternut and gray fashion!

I had to change my painting approach with these guys to match what Marty had done.  Most significantly, that meant using metallic paints.

Yes, you heard that right!  I also had to simplify the usual color arrangements.  If I ever get some free time, I do want to rework them and get more details, etc.

In any case, it was a tremendous amount of fun!  We also had a blast making the display board!

The big finish!!

Here's Bobby Lee!!  With Traveller...

I con't remember which spells he ended up using most.  There were not too many chances to do that :-)

More posts from the army on the way!  Stay tuned.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Charlie's Angels pose!

Let's gather the ladies together from Red Box Games.

These could certainly be handy in many scenarios... RPG, so on and so forth...

It was definitely fun painting them!

Here's the Red Box Games site...

There are a number of excellent categories on the site, with lots of fun minis!

Be sure to check them out!

The view from above...

Stay tuned for more!

Five of a kind

And then there were five.  Well, there's more now, but these are from a while back :-)

A conga line of Thralls!

What was that back there?

Turn to the left, turn to the right...

They brought a friend!

Lookin' like ants!

Man, I could swear I heard something back there...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Secret Saint

OK, time for more combinations of Secret Weapon figures, terrain, and much more.

In this image alone, we see old school GW Sisters, Urban Mammoth Archangels, Victoria Miniatures, and some crazy conversions... like Saint Celestine!

Even the standard bearer for the Sisters is another conversion, using some Empire Flagellant bits.

In this scene, we have some spectacular Secret Weapon ruined tanks.  Not only does it look fantastic, it make usable terrain!  You can even fit 30mm bases inside some of the wreckage. 

There are also a few pieces of Secret Weapon broken column basing materials on some of my bases.

You can see that the Ruined Tank can block line of sight, and provide some actual cover.

These miniatures are part of my Adepticon army that won the Best Painted last year.

You can see some of the Adepticon tournament army here:

There are tons of conversions across the entire army.  Each squad had some, or the entirety of the squad was heavily converted.

This link shows the Serpahim;

And some regular Imperial Guard:

And Celestine:

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pieces and parts, plastic and wood.

And those items... in the correct combination, can make bases!

Here's a bit of fun with some left over "punch outs" from Burn in Designs terrain.

When I have to bring the studio "on the road", as I had to this week, the only things I can do effectively are prepping (the 1 inch high pile of metal, resin and plastic shavings can attest to that!) and basing.

Unfortunately, I forgot the plastic bases I was supposed to bring!  So I had to resort to using the round punch outs from the paint organizers.  They are slightly bigger than the bases I will be attaching them to, but I would normally be using a sculpey chunk for this part anyway!

It was worth a try to see what would happen.

After creating several possible designs, I broke out my "Sci-Fi/Steampunk" basing kit.

Yes, I now must have one, or even two, containers for each type of basing project!

This is a look at most of what's inside.  Plastic gears, my home made rivets, plasticard texture, and even some Happy Seppuku moulds!

Here's a closer look at those textures, including the brass etched sheets.  Those are usually save for bases that I am casting, so I can get an incredible amount of use from one very expensive sheet.

This is my collection of polystyrene tubes.  Half rounds, squares, flats, and much more.  I have a number of other basing articles that show how to use these materials.

At this point, I started to glue a number of the polystyrene tubings to the wooden bases.

I added some "conduits" to the cutout area, which always looks neat!

I then trimmed the upper edges with some flat polystyrene, and added my sculpey rivets.

Shifting to the rest of the bases, I gave them a similar treatment.  There were no specific miniatures in mind, as these were more experimental than anything else.

I might even play around with some TMM on these.  Who knows!

These designs were intended for my Wild West Exodus Union figures, but it is also possible that they could be used for 40k

More designs!  These have a wider footprint, which is important for some of the WWX figures.

Lookie here!  Almost a dozen bases in no time at all!

I will be experimenting with my new "Primer Red" brush on primer.  Stay tuned!!!