Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Fortress Shall Rise

This post begins a series on what went on during this year's Adepticon.

On Wednesday morning, we headed out to the convention with a vehicle filled with all manner of paints, brushes, minis, lights... even a presentation camera!  

That afternoon, the great staff of Adepticon appeared, and in no time at all, Fort Wappel was created out of nothing.

I tried to create my own setup to maximize the potential for "spot demos", where someone (or a few someones) could watch what I was doing.  This would be the case several times.

Primarily, I figured that I would be demonstrating how to use oils, such as the Mig AMMO paints and the Wilder oils.  I had prepped some Counterblast figures from Patrick Keith to show how you can get dramatic color combinations very easily with the slow drying oils.

These were also done as a bit of a step by step preview that I was going to do for Lyn Stahl, but they were helpful in other demos as well!

After a few minutes of discussion about the use of the oils, in terms of what acrylic techniques would have to be left behind, etc., and a few minutes of painting myself, Lyn put some colors on the palette and went to town!

Right off the bat, she liked how she could blend right there on the miniature, with no worries of something drying, or water marks.  She began taking advantage of all that oil paints can offer...

And POW!  In a mere 25 minutes, she proudly displayed her new superpower!

Here's a few quick images of her Libby by Hasslefree Miniatures.  Congratulations to Lyn for doing some amazing things in no time flat.

It's not easy to take on a brand new medium, especially one that is essentially the opposite of acrylics.  I have the advantage of years of 2D oil painting, but she did not, many kudos!!!

Monday, March 27, 2017

An Old Classic

We are back from Adepticon, and the long process of unpacking rebuilding the various work areas begins!  Many new projects await, and I can also get back into all the one which are well under way!

A lot of exciting things happened while we were there, including some fun spontaneous demos, talking about the oil paints, and even a side by side painting demonstration in the Trenchworx booth.

I have several new materials to try out, such as the new oil paint "sticks" from Mig AMMO, new Wild West Exodus figures, Eden miniatures and Historical figures from Footslogger.

Finally, with the help of generous friends from both north and south, the Facebook live broadcasts should look very different in the near future!  I think it will make them easier to see, and give me a host of new options to present the material (such as toggling back and forth between what I a painting and a blog post as reference).

I want those to be as informative as possible, so that people can get the most out of them!!

Stay tuned, and thanks to everyone who hung out with me, or tracked me down on my many forays around the convention.  That means a lot!

Friday, March 24, 2017

I'm in charge here!

At long last, time to show the finished winter American force from Bolt Action and Warlord Games!  These were painted primarily with oil paints.

I had never had a chance to paint winter theme armies for myself, so these are a real treat!  I love all the earth tones in the greatcoats and balancing that with the snow.

This video was an introduction to the oil paints:

This Facebook live video gives you a view at how some of the weathering powders and dried punched leaves were done:

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Foreign Legion

From Gorgon Studio we have a machine gun team for the French Foreign Legion!

There's an extensive range to choose from, with command figures, riflemen in sheepskin and anorac, etc.  And that it just one faction.  There are early war German, British and Norwegian forces as well.

You have seen some of those Norwegian figures here already, but more are on the way.  Since these will all be part of various Norway campaigns, the early war British and German armies will be shown here as well.

Here's a link to the page!  Be sure to check out the Anicents as well :-)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Join The Herd

It just gets more Beastly with this batch from Mierce Miniatures!

As I have mentioned before, Mierce not only has an extensive range of creatures, within each range is an interesting variety of sizes.  You have infantry size such as these, but there are also units of large to very large 'infantry' as well.

I suppose this reminds me of my Lizardman army, which had small infantry, heavy and very heavy infantry.  Mierce takes that principle even further with some truly colossal sized infantry!

The regular infantry and even the monstrous infantry tend to be sold in groups of five, with champions, banners and so on.

These are all part of that same winter theme commission, so the basing and color schemes remain the same.

It can definitely be a challenge to blend this many different manufacturer's figures into one single army!

While the basing is probably the easiest thing to keep consistent throughout,  different companies have widely different ways of approaching how they scuplt certain common elements!  Certainly a challenge, especially when there's more than 5 different companies involved.

Monday, March 20, 2017

When in Rome

Once I saw the mosaic tile texture rollers from Green Stuff World, I knew that I had found just the right basing for this guy!

I had some fun with the gold NMM, mixing in the fluorescent yellow in with the purples and greens to make it as bright and intense as possible.

It's important to have that ultra high contrast when doing gold, and not just light vs dark.  You also need to have plenty of contrast with the color temperatures and intensity.  So, placing the greenish gray in the shadow areas makes the highlights even more noticeable and "shiny".

I did one of my kickstarter painting videos on this subject, since I get asked so many questions about it!

He's also here:

Sunday, March 19, 2017

We shall repent!

The Grim Dark returns with another Repentia from my Sisters of Battle army.

I do remember one game from years ago when I had a line of twenty of these, led by a Mistress, that marched towards some Chaos marines.  They never did go psycho, which I had counted on to close the gap more rapidly.

I think the idea was to also have Inquisitor Karamazov and some Penitent Engines as well, kind of an all insane army theme :-)

She's also here: