Monday, May 25, 2015

Inside the Citadel

Tonight I have a big set of bases for you that I've been working on for a while.  These are for my Holy Order of Man posse.

This posse is so different from the others in the game, I wanted to create the most distinct style of basing possible.  A ruined temple/citadel look seemed to do the trick.

The blue marble also makes a nice contrast to the white robes of the characters, and to the brown and grey of the standard line troops.

The characters will be going on the more standard flat marble bases.

The line troops, or Spica, have ten different poses.  They tend to be somewhat dynamic, so this left a little more leeway for pillars and such.

I can't wait to see them on these bases!!!

The entire set...

These bases will hold the Sircans, Mimregs, Spica, and even a light support Spear of Light.

Stay tuned for these bases in action!!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

What's cookin' in Hell's Kitchen

A new addition to the Outlaws for you from Wild West Exodus.  Meet Chef, who's toting around some serious kitchen ware!

If you are nice to him, he might just fix you up some crème brulee.

Hmm... looks like ribs might be on the menu tonight boys!  Although he does have a big pot of beans going right now... best not sit too close to the campfire then.

Deal Me in!

It's been a while since you have seen some base designs, but that will be changing, starting now!

This is something I have never tried before, a nice little bar table with some booze, cards and chips.  The table was made from some left over Burn in Designs pieces.

The playing cards were cut from paper, while the bottle was carved from sculpey.

Both of the wooden platforms were also sculpted from sculpey clay.  The nice cut of meat is a GW ogre kingdoms bit.

It was tricky to get things scaled down to squeeze onto the base, but it was worth it.

The gambling table base is for a Reaper figure, which you will see during the week!  Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tread heads

I thought that some group shots combining the heavy vehicles with some elites and HQ minis might be fun.

Once again, it was impressed upon me just how huge the Armored Conveyor was as it towered over the Myrmidons and even the Altar.

This is some serious firepower, and I'm sure it makes for an interesting view on the table.

There are a few more colossal pieces that will be joining this force, including that insane quad tread ray gun which is now being shown by the Forgeworld folks at various shows.

A touch of powder

The Pink Flamingo nears its completion!!

I happened to see a piece of sprue in one of my containers of basing materials, and thought that it might be fun to do some RJ-1027 conduit reaching up to the marquis.

So, I cut a few pieces and fixed them to the side of the building.

I put a little bit of paint on the sprue, including a few glowing dots of orange.  The metal color was also carried up through the sign itself.

Then it was time for the final touches, the Secret Weapon Powders!

Most of the time, I was working with a mixture of the black and brown pigments.

Along the ground edge of the building, I darkened the corners, but went back with a mix of the brown and light tan.  The idea was to show some dust being kicked up around that lower level.

The upper floors would be just as important.  While this is supposed to be a brightly painted, garish structure, weathering would take place.  I also wanted to keep it in line with the other buildings that I had done.

The roof looks a lot more like all the previous buildings, and the walls and posters don't look like they had just been painted or tacked on five minutes ago!

As before, I used a can of compressed air (like those you would use for cleaning a computer) to shape the dirt and dust patterns,,, or for just getting rid of excess pigments.  I was reminded of why I do this when I blew onto one area, only to have the loose pigment kick up into my eyes. 

Yes, don't try that at home kiddies.

I will take some exterior shots of the finished building while I try and get some furniture ready for the interior!  Stay tuned...

Friday, May 22, 2015

A Spirit in the Sky

A new addition joins my Warrior Nation posse.  He is Sky Spirit, and you can see by the next few images that I made some alterations on the base to make it appear a little more in line with my own style.

I used bark and Sand Paste to create the additional texture.

These views also show the texture which was added, and the straw.  That stringy straw like material is very nice for tall grass, or even for some kind of dried underbrush.

Now for the painted results!  

As with most Warrior Nation, his weapon glows blue with energy from the Great Spirit.

I think he will make an excellent wingman for the Great Fire Eagle!

As usual, I didn't want to paint him the same color that I have been seeing.  Brown and white were out... so a crow came to mind.  This was perfect, since I painted Geronimo as a black bear.

This will also set the theme for my warriors as well.  I think I will be doing lots of black warpaint on them.  The moment where a true color scheme coalesces and comes to life is one of my favorite moments in army painting!

Just one more to go!

Here's the next to last Dragoon for you!

I'm still searching for some terrain that will look neat for the group shots. :-)