Thursday, April 17, 2014

Galloping to the rescue

Brunhilde to the rescue!  Courtesy of Raging Heroes miniatures, she is one of their most interesting creations.

Some of you might recognize her as the miniature I used for the Gold Non Metallics video.  You can see why she was such a good choice, as there are so many different surfaces!

This allowed me to put so many different colors into the golds... purples, greens, and even reflecting the reds in the cape.

I painted the horse gray so that I could put even more greens into the armor, reflecting that cooler color.  Since metals are all in the reflections and the balance of hard vs soft edges, this one had it all.

There's a lot going on with this very heroic miniature.  As you paint it, you realize there are all sorts of details that are not noticed at first (or second) glance.

I have spent a number of hours over the last few months here and there working on this to complete it, since the video itself only left time for the demonstration, and not intricate details.  Finally, Brunhilde is in all her glory!

She's also here:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

These definitely come in pints!

A little bit of dwarven mischief here.  A classic Reaper Dwarf adventurer!

I used the same set of colors that I had for the big ogre the other day.  It's always interesting to see how the same palette can look quite different on another figure!

He's also here:

Kerplunk goes Kagunk

All right!  Here we go... some finished images of Kagunk, Ogre Chieftan from Reaper miniatures.

As a reminder, this is one of the Bones minis.  Everything considered, they can paint up quite nicely :-)

This is being used as the figure for the Shaded basecoat class at Reapercon.  For those actually taking the class (if you are reading this), don't expect to be painting an entire mini!  That is not the point, and there is DEFINITELY not going to be enough time

The idea is to give you an introduction to the concept, without being too overwhelming right off the bat.  In fact, there will probably be time to work on one or two elements.  I thought the shield and a few other items might do the trick in the time we will have.

The Glazing class is supposed to 'piggyback' onto the shaded basecoat class, so much more of the glazing will be covered there.  As always, the Shaded Basecoat sets up those subsequent glazes.

The glazes are used to tint colors just as much as it is to shade them darker, as you can see here.  Much more green was added with glazing since the Shaded Basecoat.

And then a size comparison next to the standard 28mm archer that was just completed.  He's one big hombre!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

You won't see these any more...

Here's something old timey!  Many moons ago, GW used to sell booster packs that had 8 miniatures inside.

There was a Space Marine set, an Undead/Vampire set, and 'Adventurers Set' that had mages and fighters... even a Chaos and a Skaven pack.

I believe this is the last of the Wizards that I have.  The Chaos set has been used to fill out Blood Bowl teams.

These were interesting to paint.  At the time, they were very unique compared to what was being offered.  The vast majority of all GW minis were metal when these came out, so they were even more unique.  The plastic made it easier to convert!

If I can find the pictures of the other members of these sets, I will try to gather them into one post for you :-)

He is also here:

Springtime in Chicago!

Spring in Chicago.  That means it must be time for snow!  Yes, indeed.

It was also time to continue Reapercon preparation.

Once all the bases had the rough elements attached, I brought out the basic gravel.  Heavy, medium and fine, applying them in that order.

So, one by one, each figure was covered in gravel!

Until there were more...

And more...

Let's not forget the trolls!

The horde has its gravel!

Out came the black and grey Badger primer, brushed on one mini at a time.  It covered the roughest surfaces of both the bases and the figures quite easily.

Now I needed to paint a sample figure of the club wielding ogre, like these gents.

In between snowflakes, that is!  Yes, Adepticon goers from those warm climates.  Look what you missed out on!

Painting up one of the big guys...

Almost finished!  More pics tomorrow.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Let it fly

Still preparing for Reapercon!  Lots of work going on.  Speaking of which... another fun Reaper miniature.

I cut her off the broccoli base, obviously, and placed her on a Dargonforge Designs base.

Very fun to paint!  She is also here:

More from my Memoirs

After experimenting with the Tigers, we shifted to one of the Allied vehicles.  Standard late war Sherman, I believe.  There were a few unfortunate mould lines in comparison to the Tigers, but still eminently paintable. :-)

Here are a few comparison shots...

Then it was time to experiment with infantry.  Once again, a blizzard of choices!  I think this is one of the things that has always made me more hesitant about doing historical miniatures.  

Everything has to be so precise.  Depending on what time period, or the theatre of war, there can be a daunting amount of variables.  To begin, we kept things simple.  Very basic US uniforms.  I wanted to contrast the warmer colors of the field jacket to the cooler, darker greens.

I also tried to match the spats, and use the browns in the rifle to get a tiny bit of color contrast.

These guys are incredibly small, and mould lines will wreak some havoc here.

On the German side, there were hundreds of choices.  We are definitely going to be making a few units different schemes, since there are a number of scenarios that call for specially marked units.

The German infantry had a giant mould line running through the face, so that meant not much happening there.

The two side by side.  Again, this stuff is super small!  They are barely waist high to 'regular' 28 mm miniatures.

This has been a very interesting experience, and I have learned a lot!  I think one more session will take place this week.