Saturday, August 27, 2016

Deadly Dancer

Once more some views of the Raging Heroes Blood Vestals which I used in my Adepticon Dark Eldar tournament army. 

The kits have all of the regular and special weapons needed to create larger or smaller units. 

I continued with a very specific basing scheme for the entire army.   The idea was to represent the primary opponent of this force... in the form of destroyed vehicles. 

I just wish that I had the kind of lighting and photo equipment that I do now, which would yield some nice army shots on my terrain board.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Behind the Mask

Time to check out some of the old Kabal Warriors again! 

As with the previous versions, this is also a combination of old and new.

I used the legs and torso from the original ancient Dark Eldar kits, while the arms and head were primarily the newer more recent kits.

I enjoyed these combination figures,  since they gave the Kabal Warriors a unique look.  It also saved some cost, as I could use the older legs and torsos to use on the special weapons. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Cracked Earth

Here's a new Green Stuff World texture roller that I tested out recently.

This Cracked Earth texture could be used for a number of purposes, such as lava flows, ice, etc.  Since I was in need of some desert style bases for my new Bolt Action Italian army, I thought I would give it a try!

I only had a few small pieces of sculpey to roll out for this test, so I don't have large pieces of rolled out texture to show you.  However, I must note that unlike my usual approach with these rollers, I intentionally made this sheet thicker and more uneven.

I thought doing so would make this more like cracked, wasted earth, as opposed to a flatter, more even icy appearance.  You can also see that when I broke this uneven sculpey, many interesting formations were created along the broken edges.

This Cracked Earth texture is very easy to break into the shapes that you need, as all kinds of natural 'fault lines' are provided for you.

In this case, I combined a few pieces together.  You can see on the right hand side of the base some really fun broken sculpey texture... added bonus!

As I usually do when applying bark pieces to a base, I put down some of the Vallejo paste first, which serves as mortar to help keep that piece in position.

A few dots of super glue also help hold in in place.

More Sandy paste is brushed around the edges, and even on the surface.  This creates a more random, sandy look once it is painted.

To carry the experiment further, I took some slices of tree bark to create some additional cracked earth textures.  This was also to give the miniature a better angle when it was placed on the base.

A few small chips of bark are applied, which I shaved down with an exacto knife.

Once again, sand was added over the top and some rocks to complete the base.

Moving along nicely!  Unlike the other textures you have seen me use, such as the Runic Temple, Celtic and Mosaic tile, I used the standard white sculpey.  I did this so that it would be easier to break the pieces into these random shapes.

The gray Extra Firm sculpey would break into very clean, crip lines... which is great for the other bases, but not these natural formations!

These don't look like very much right now, but a few quick layers of paint will really show off the look which I was after.

Stay tuned for the conclusion, and check out some of the other posts in the Green Stuff World section of the blog!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Sweet Little Girl

This fun little figure is part of the Fairytale Wars set which I got at GenCon last year. 

It's made of a BONES sort of material. 

Like the BONES figures,  this is all one piece casting, including the base.  This means that the mould lines are very difficult to remove. 

The theme behind this line is well known fairytale characters with very bloody weapons.   There are a few dozen characters in the entire set.

Figures like this... and BONES figures as well, can still be interesting to paint. Plus, the figures are essentially unbreakable. 

Cinderella the zombie killer!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Jungle Pests

It's been quite a while since I last saw my old Lizardman skinks, so when I was transferring them from one storage box to another, I thought that I would try a little experiment with the old plastic aquarium foliage that I had used.

While I have the paper ferns and other nice products available to me now, I was wondering if there was some way that I could enhance the look of the plastic foliage without having to paint it entirely.

I did that on some recent pieces, which looked very nice, but took a long time!

In this case, I took some of my glazing colors and did light washes and glazes over the plastic foliage.  Not only did it stick far better than expected, it dulled down all the shininess of the plastic!  Extra bonus!!

I just wish that it had occurred to me years ago.  If I have any of this particular plastic foliage left, I know how I can make it look a lot more interesting in a very short period of time.  Hmm... perhaps some Aussie/Chindits are in the future?

Stay tuned!

He's also here:

Monday, August 22, 2016

Blood Vestals

Some of the earliest figures that I painted from Raging Heroes were the fantasy Blood Vestals, followed quickly by the Sci-fi version.  

Since then, wonderful new lines of sculpts have been added to both sets, creating two huge ranges of figures.  I have done articles showing those amazing sculpts, which include ridden monsters and other incredibly elaborate kits.

I'm really looking forward to both the fantasy and sci-fi sets, because they are designed as complete armies, covering all aspects of a build.  There are amazing characters and monstrous creatures that are coming, which should lead to all kinds of very fun painting opportunities.

I enjoyed how dynamic all of the Vestals were, as it meant that some dramatic basing would be the order of the day.  While this base has a very simple setup, when combined with pose of the figure.

By setting the angles of the figure and the terrain piece at opposites from each other, I was able to make the action seem even more intense, and have the figure truly seem as if it were running.

The terrain element also acts as a physical counterweight to the figure, allowing it to hang over the edge of the base somewhat without falling over.

I'm certainly going to continue with these ruined urban bases on the upcoming figures!  While all types of basing are interesting, there is something about urban basing which really catches my attention.

That must have a lot to do with the fact that I live in a large city myself, and it's easier for me to visualize ;-)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Reptus Champion

This second Reaper Reptus Champion has been slightly adjusted, with the weapons cut away.  He needed to fit into a tight space in a giant unit of combined Skinks and Kroxigors, and the weapons would have gotten in the way.

In some ways, it made him seem even more threatening, with some serious attitude!

This shot gives you a sense of how big he is, on his 40mm base.  That was done to match up the other bases in the unit, with a few having some extra roots and these decorative elements.

One last view of these latest Reptus Champ!