Thursday, September 20, 2018

Of Stone and Sand

Time for another fun base created with the Green Stuff World texture rollers!

There is a bonus piece to this base, and that is one of the nifty resin statue pieces, which is something new from Green Stuff World.  It is a package of various broken statue bits, which now come in Aztec and Celtic ruins too!

Here's a link to the Egyptian pieces:

As usual, I had the Secret Weapon weathering paints and Reaper Liner paints on hand.

Here's a post that reviews how I use the rollers: 

Starting out with the Brown Liner, Engine Grime and Sandy wood, I did a few glazes across the surface, making sure to alter the colors in the brush as much as possible.  These are designed to "interact" with each other, and do a watercolor style wet mix on the surface.

You can see how some parts are more sandy colored, and others more grayish.  This creates an "aged" look without lots of extra work!

I also wiped away some of the excess glaze colors, which revealed the texture a little more.

I did a similar process on the statue piece, using glazes to tint and darken various portions.

I continued to darken the stone around the edges, using very targeted glazes of the Enging Grime and Brown Liner paints.

Once the darkest tones had been established, I could go back in with a lighter mix of colors to pick out some more details.  I used a Maiden Flesh to lighten the Sandy brown and the Engine Grime (a grayish color).

You can see how matte these colors dry, which is part of their design!

In no time at all, you have a very nifty base!

Here is the figure which will stand on the base.  It is a large metal figure from Reaper Miniatures.  I will try to make a painting video for him too!

Speaking of videos, here's a Facebook Live session that I did with the texture rollers:

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Brand new GAME

It was very exciting to see a package from Dark Sword miniatures arrive recently!  I needed to familiarize myself with it right away, since many new tutorial videos are going to be created using the figures contained within...

Opening the very large box immediately yields rules, tokens, cards, miniatures, range rulers and more.

There are a number of guides for "building" your units...

For those how don't want to get more multi cases and foam, the box is designed to hold all the figures and keep them pretty secure.

I have been checking out the rules, and watching as many battle reports as I can find.  Once I get the figures painted, and some terrain made, the hope is to start making my own!

This is the element that alters the game from something like Warhammer or War of the Ring.  There are action cards, objective cards, secret missions and so on that expand the scope beyond simply wiping out what is in front of you.

The 'politics' side of things obviously reflects the setting, and means more variety without having to change up the figures in the armies themselves.

There are plenty of tokens!  While I do have fun making my own for games, sometimes it is nice not to have to worry about that. :-)

I will be making my own 3D terrain pieces of course, but in a pinch these could be handy.

Now to the part we all want to see... minis!!!
I was amazed at each figure that I pulled out of the box amazed me.  Now that I have my little sanding sticks, I think I will be able to take care of all the mould lines easily.

As someone who has assembled hundreds of minis in the last few months, I can also say that it was a welcome change to only have to worry about a few mould lines!

I think I may start off with a basing and painting tutorial for the wolf.  From there, I will do more individual characters, and make the units part of the Army Painting series for the Patreon Page.

I know there is a lot of great concept art, so I will try to get as many of those images as I can, and have them on the screen when I do the tutorials as reference photos.

The character figures turned out very well... and they should also make for great tutorials.

Size does matter! :-)  I'm already looking forward to seeing these primed and rebased...

The most surprising aspect of the figures were the sharp and solid weapons.  I assumed that all the swords and spears would be curved and bent, but not so.  In fact, they are sharper and more finished than most metal figures (I typically have to reshape those and sharpen them with metal files!).

The time savings alone is incredible.

I also didn't think there would be adjustments to the poses of the rank and file, but there seem to be at least 3 different versions for each unit.  In effect, that is about what you could do out of the box with most armies.  There would be 3-5 different "bodies", and most of the difference came with head and arm attachments.

They all fit nicely into the movement trays as well.

I am especially excited about these!  Cavalry armies have always been a favorite of mine, as you can see with my Lord of the Rings forces, and these horses are wonderful.

They are very natural looking, and as I mentioned before, very sharp details with stiff, sharp weapons and banners!!

All of this will eventually be made into new tutorials for the Patreon Page, as I mentioned before.  Some will fall into the Army Painting category, which is a $15 pledge level.  I will also have a few individual tutorials out there for the $5 level too, such as the characters.

It is also my hope to make special terrain tutorials, so that you can play your games on some appropriate settings.

Here's a link to the page so you can see what it there, including the Army Painter levels:

Monday, September 17, 2018

Hop in Lads!

Here's one more post on some of the Puppets War and War Games Factory figures.

Also, a review on the painting of some of the vehicles:

A vehicle of this size and complexity was certainly a challenge.  It is the most "moving parts" I have had to deal with!

It was requested that the weathering be kept to a minimum, so many of the usual techniques that I do on my WW2 vehicles could not be done in this case.

The bases on the terminator style figures are 40mm, so that gives you a sense of just how large this is!

I will be doing some more posts on the infantry figures, which have been interesting to paint... stay tuned.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Scale and Fire: Part 2

Time for some more images of the gargantuan 6 pound dragon!  As I mentioned in the first post, much of the initial layers were done with a Badger airbrush and Stynlrez primer.  Not only are there 12 colors of primer, you can expand these even more by adding some Ghost Tints.

I also wanted to mention the basing, which was a wooden plaque with some carved pink foam bits added to continue the original BONES base across the lava.

I added a bit of texture to the foam to match the original pieces, and once that was painted, you could not tell the difference!

The same Vallejo Fluorescent paints were used on the base, in combination with the Reaper Clear and Liner paints.  The yellow clear mixed with the orange fluorescent worked well for the lights, while darkening the orange with the Clear red and Red Liner paints made for some expanded value patterns in both the lava and the scales.

One thing to keep in mind about the fluorescent paints is that while they are pretty thick, they are very translucent.  This is what gives them the extra brightness.  There are absolutely no opaque properties to the paint.

So, you can almost apply this as a "glaze", even without thinning the paint at all!

I used this as an advantage as I was able to use my larger brushes and spread out the fluorescent paints very rapidly over rough surfaces.  While it was not a dry brush at all, the result was similar in a way.  However, I was not left with the usual scratchy/patchy brush marks that normally occur with true dry brushing.

I ended up deciding on a bright green for the eyes. This also had to do with the "color harmony" that I mentioned in the first post.  Most of the grayish mixes were created with Clear green and Clear Purple mixed with a lighter color, and having the eyes be a mix of Clear Green and Yellow meant that the lava and the grays were being tied together in a way...

The reason I like to make my own ray mixes is that I have far more flexibility in how  they are tinted.  Having a little more purple in the mix means that I can have some very nice grayed down tones that will appear more purple when you look at them more closely.

I love grays so much, I made it the subject of one of my five Painting Pyramid videos called "Shades of Gray" of course!

If I had more green in the mix, that became a very nice contrast to the deeper reds of the lava reflections.  This also meant that I could have a bigger range of grayish colors on the faces, giving them a little more depth than simple lights and darks.

Deep purple shadow colors against lighter greenish grays makes the faces come alive, as opposed to looking like a colorized photo which has light and dark, but no real color variance.

I hope that you have enjoyed my little discussion on colors here... that is as much fun as talking over the "Arc of History", and I will go on and on about it to anyone who will listen!

Stay tuned for much more!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Up In Flames

I just posted the first vehicle painting video in the Char Bis tank platoon box set from Warlord Games, which was so much fun to paint!!  Here's a link to the video:

As you can see, I did this video with my standard acrylics, with a few twists.  I took some of those acrylic paints and combined them with weathering powders and water effects to create some fresh mud!  I needed this to dry in a hurry, since I needed it for a battle report just a few hours later.

Having painted a few of the Char Bi Bis in the typical French camo schemes, it was a bit jarring to paint this in Dunklegrau.  However, it is also interesting to see things in a whole new light.  It definitely made a familiar shape look far less so.

As usual, my Secret Weapon weathering paints and Reaper Liner paints led the way.  Those make glazing so simple and easy, and they can be mixed or thinned with nearly any amount of water and still maintain their color integrity.

It did quite well in that game by the way, halting a massive Soviet advance in its tracks and saving the Germans from being overrun!

There will be two more videos in this series (such as Bilotte's Char Bi Bis), which will end up on the Patreon Page for the $5 level: