Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Wolf Howls

Years ago, I had painted this Raging Heroes CyberWolf as a diorama piece for my Dark Eldar army display board.  He was actually sitting on the base of my Ravenwing bomber trying to shoot at it!

I had a lot of fun adding some Space Marine parts (torso, arms, head, etc) to the CyberWolf to create a kind of Space Wolves splinter chapter.  The planet which he's defending was filled with various dire wolves, and the most powerful of these would be augmented with the cybernetics.

The original figure from Raging Heroes has the legs sculpted into the figure, so all you need to do is add the torso and other upper sections!

Here's a link:

All I needed to do was make a base for him, and he was ready to go!  The color scheme is obviously not Space Wolf in nature, since I was trying to create an entirely different look for that splinter chapter.

He's also here:

Archers of Dust

Tonight we have some images of the completed Skeleton Archer unit.

I have already used this in a few games with the extended range magic item.  It's made them a much more dangerous unit!

Even though my unit filler/altar is not quite complete, it still provides the kind of backdrop which I was hoping for.

This is the area where I will add some more design elements.

I had intended to make a few more archer figures to fill out the four spots in the back rows, but the extra individual figures such as Apophas, the Necrotect and the Priests gave it a little more character.

I think you can see how much of a challenge it was to get all of these guys to rank up!  Obviously the unit was made for WFB, pre multi-basing era.

Some ground level action here...

The view from above gives you a peek at the overall demon marble designs.  With all the small bases, it was a massive challenge to get those bases to look like one continuous sheet!

A closer look...

If you look at each skeleton, you will see that not only is the armor painted differently on each figure, but the bones themselves are painted in various shades as well.  This was all done to carry thought the story of the Chaos God's influence.