Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Rose by any other name...

The huge Union Siege Train has come into town, unloading a priceless cargo of ammunition, vehicles, and RJ-1027.  These have been a constant target of the Outlaws and the Enlightened, but concern over a new threat has grown... requiring more than token regiments of soldiers to guard it.

The Lawmen are out on patrol, with their customary K-9 and mercenary reinforcements.

They have sighted an unusual number of Dark Council, which can only mean major trouble is at hand!

This rather fetching Dark Council member seems to be whispering in the Preacher's ear...

Agent Lucinda Loveless has checked in to Le Flamant Rose, creating quite a stir.

Or has she already been in town for weeks in advance of the Siege Train?  No one is sure...

Life continues as normal.  Or at least as normal as possible for a town that has been leveled over and over again!

A shadowy figure reveals a glowing red RJ-1027 sabre.  This can only be one man... General Grant himself!  Serious trouble must be at hand.

What could this new threat be?  To bring out not only Legendary Wyatt, but the seldom seen General has the townsfolk really scared now!!  Stay tuned.

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