Sunday, October 5, 2014

The lone Lawman...

Well, actually he's not!  He's another of five close combat hired hands from the Lawman box.

You get five each of the Pistol packing Hired Hands and the Long Range variety.  There are some benefits to having as many as ten of any one type of Hired Hand.  It helps you in your activation phase, as you activate three figures/units.  

You can carry out a gang action by having a whole group of a similar type move as one... within a 2 inch coherency, I believe.

Here he is with a few of his buddies!

A few more to go...

Some days the bear gets you

Here's a combination of Mierce miniatures and Red Box Games.

These group shots are always fun!

Now for the Marauders...

From ground level.

It's looking dangerous in the Northlands!!