Friday, March 21, 2014

Jam session

Welcome to the Headbanger's Ball... bagpipe style!

The command squad continues with another fine Highland Moss Guard figure from Victoria Miniatures.  I love the bagpipe guys!  I have this piper near a broadcast mechanism, so that all the lad can do a jig as they march into battle.

I had to come up with a tartan pattern that was different from all the other units... clearly so.  They will, in all likelihood, be right in the middle of a giant blob 'o Guard.  Lots of kilts and plaid in a confined area!

Next up, I will show you the Quad Gun that I just made for the ADL.

Thanks again to Victoria for creating something so unique!!!

Is there a doctor in the house?

Okay, another member of the command squad.  This fine lad proved to be quite valuable in that test game.  Especially when he distributes Feel No Pain to 55 fellow Guardsmen... who are behind an Aegis Defense Line.

Hey, when your only armor is your kilt, you take anything you can get!

I believe this guy is from the 5th edition box. Many Inquisitors and other retinue members have been made from this figure... but this is the first Medic.

Of course it gave me a chance to do some quick blood spatter!

Next up, the Voxcaster!