Sunday, December 6, 2015

Standard Procedure

The Standard Bearer is a bit more "standard",  a non-converted icon bearer for the Sisters.

Getting the correct counter balance to offset the heavy pewter standard was made a little easier by extending the base a tiny bit.  The added weight of the sculpey and a few chunks of sprue under the base help to keep her upright.

I also had a lot of fun painting the base design!!

She's also here:

My new Hairdo

On another instance of reaping the benefits of all the new foliage products that have been introduced in recent years, we have an example of enhancing this Raging Heroes Treekin.

I added a few types of fall leaf foliage to the arms and head, which made quite a difference!

These treekin were originally used in the "Glazing Away" painting video.  They were perfect for showing all the various aspects of my glazing technique, and how that works with my Shaded Basecoat.

I sculpted a base out of Apoxy Sculpt to add a little touch to the overall look of the figure, but it was also used as another part of the training video.

He's also here:

I was able to get some paint on the leaves as well, which helped me to blend in some of the foliage styles together.  In addition, I wanted to get some of the colors that I painted on the treekin itself to match the foliage.

This side by side really shows the difference.  It turned out to be even more dramatic than I anticipated!