Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Ranger

I seem to remember painting this Ranger figure for our role playing group many years ago, so it was interesting to work on that same figure again with the knowledge that I have now.  This had been prepped for Marcon, as it is a Sandra Garrity miniature.

There was probably not much freehand on the first version, because it was more difficult at that time to tone down the design in recesses.  I have a few ways to do that now.  

In this case, I used a Vallejo transparent brown paint to create not only some shadows, but to alter the color as well.  This pushed it towards warm, as opposed to the usual cooler dark blues which I have used in many instances to shade such areas darker.

The base is yet another Green Stuff World sculpey base.  There are many more designs yet to be featured on the blog!

The ground level view gives you a better look at the underside details. It was a lot of fun to balance all the warmer reddish browns with the yellowish greens.  To get a little bit of contrast to all that, the color of the base is more of a cooler flesh tone pink.