Friday, December 26, 2014

Legion of BOOM

This is a set of images I have been waiting to see.  The big old Krios tank surrounded by some Thralls.

Lots of Dakka, that's for sure!

Also, a few more shots of the Krios, like this one where you can see that pilot tucked in there...

And some more dramatic angles.

Don't grind our gears!

That looks even bigger in this shot...

And the Thralls still look small :-)

Happy Boxing Day!

An old friend...

Here's an old buddy of mine.  This was the very first dreadnought that I scratch sculpted.  In fact, it was the first dreadnought I ever painted!

Ultimately, I ended up scratch building at least six.  I learned how to make the process go much more smoothly :-)  The latter versions were sculpted from extra firm sculpey, baked in pieces and then glued together afterward.

This was the original post, which shows how I made this first version, and some drawings for a future sculpt:

This was used in a number of games.  I remember using it in the warpgate scenario that we played out over 4 games, and the Defend the Factorum scenario which we also created.

So lots of fun with this guy.

And his own little buddies.