Monday, January 18, 2016

The Man in the Iron Mask

Here's a fun Chaos warrior style mini from Red Box Games.

As before, he is part of the gigantic batch of similar theme figures which spans a number of different miniature companies.

Lots of these guys yet to come, so stay tuned!


Here are a few images of the completed Lady Dynamite from Magic Reality Miniatures.  I may still put on some weathering powders and other effects, but I thought I would wait until it got a bit warmer for spraying fixative.

I really liked the extra elements that came with the figure, like the sticks of dynamite and the boxes of gunpowder!

I followed the concept art color scheme, just to check them out side by side.  It was a lot of fun to paint, and the gears on the 'base' made it very easy to create this vignette around it.

The face had a lot of fine details, so I was able to get a neat expression on her face.

These views also give you a better sense of how the gear on her base looks with the larger base that I made.  Seeing these makes  me very glad that I made sure to put that slate blue color on the iron!  It does help make her pop with all of the warm colors in her clothes. 

The rust helps to keep the two surfaces tied together, however. 

Be sure to check out the Magic Reality Miniatures website: