Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to get out of hot water... gap filling and more.

Most of you probably remember last week's post about using Vallejo Water Effects to create really nice flames.

Here are a few more examples.  We have a few Reaper BONES fire elementals.  Normally, I would have to spend hours sculpting with green stuff around the base to make them blend in.

Water Effects to the rescue!!!

I don't just apply it to the section where the figure meets the base... I even work my way up the side, adding more texture and covering mould lines.

In just a few minutes, the base is completely covered.  I do suggest working in layers if you want it to be super thick on the base itself.  This way, the material has a chance to dry and set all the way through.

Flames in a jiffy!  Once the primer is on these, no one will be the wiser.  Except you guys, of course :-)

And another use.  Filling those pesky gaps on figures that have lots of fur texture.  Instead of dealing with little tubes of green stuff that want to stick to you, the tools, and so on.  Just a few quick hits with the brush can work wonders.

Green stuff does not add all that much strength to a joint if you are only putting in a little bit to fill a gap.  The Water Effects is more like glue, so I think you also get that added benefit of more holding power.

In any case, it was a much more pleasant way to deal with huge gaps!

Ride 'em, cowboy. Well, sort of.

Back with Mierce Miniatures and a Beastman on a Boar.

The base that it is dwarfing is a 60mm dreadnought base, so that gives you an idea of size!

I'm looking forward to taking some shots of this guy together with the Polar Bear rider... two huge critters!

The Monster Mash continues, long after Halloween.