Saturday, August 12, 2017

Long Range

One of the most unique elements to making Bolt Action armies is putting together and painting the weapon teams, especially artillery pieces.

They present a number of unique challenges, since you have to deal with crews of 3-5 figures placed specifically around a very odd sized hunk of metal!

In a recent post I showed how I approach putting these on the bases (a few others are also in the blog file already).  Here's a link:

Painting these is not an easy process.  The figures almost always have to be glued in place as you create the diorama, although the gun itself can be painted on its own.

Using the Badger airbrush and primers is very helpful for doing all the pre shading, which means that I on;y have to do glazing and other "surface" work instead of painting 100% of these figures.

Still, the nature of the poses and their placement can make it very hard to do specific details, such as the faces, hands, and equipment that they may be holding.

I have a facebook live session recorded on how the mud effects and foliage are done on these kinds of pieces:

I still have two more artillery pieces to go yet for the early war Heer.  Once those are complete, I will take some group shots!  I am really looking forward to that :-)

Much more to come on these, including more facebook live sessions on how to base them and paint them... stay tuned.