Saturday, April 18, 2015

A great weather(ing) spring day

A little more work on the building today.  When I last left you, the shingles over the porch were being painted to match those on the roof...

And here's that roof.  Simple cereal box shingles.

I made sure I had a variety of 'bleached' colors... reds, tans, and even a touch of green.  Combining the red and green with a bit of light flesh tone can make an interesting gray that can change appearance very easily with just a bit more red or a bit more green, and so on.

Speaking of tans, I lightly brushed in a little tan around the bottom edge of the building, pulling the roof color down to the ground level.  This helps to tie in all parts of the building together.

You can see that I have added a bit more white to the window frames.  Notice that I have left the bottom areas the darker shade.  This is to indicate some dirt, dust, etc.  It also gives them a lot more 'form' than if I had simply painted them entirely white.

You can see the building is starting to take shape!!!

I like to add weathering powders to my buildings.  It adds one extra layer of texture, and the wood is absorbent enough to really hold the pigments.

In this case, I used Secret Weapon weathering powders.

This quick combination of pigments creates a fantastic dust effect which will match the game mats we use to cover the table!

Unfortunately, I did't bring the store advertisement signs that I printed out, but I knew that I had to have a wanted poster on the wall, to demonstrate just how pervasive the Lawmen are in town.

There's still more to do on this building... not only the paper signs on the interior and exterior walls, but some fun little signs tacked onto the porch pillars as well.

 The final touch will the the lettering on the upper facade... stay tuned!

It comes in green too

This weekend is all about assembling dozens of minis, and for a break, painting Burn In Designs buildings for several hours!

I thought I would start snapping some pictures of one of the structures as I painted it

I had already done a lot of the exterior walls.  Like the train station, white and green would be the main colors.  It would be reversed however, with white trim and green walls.

I was using the same artificial filbert style brush, as you can see.

You can also see that the walls were not done as one solid surface.  There's a lot of variation in the shades and tones.

I even mixed a deep red with the darkest greens to make sure that the green didn't get too far away from the browns of the floors and other elements.

You can see the white trim beginning to take shape!

Here's a peek at the interior.  Wooden planks, grayish white walls.

I will have a number of advertising posters and fun things inside to spice up those walls!

The floorboards of the front porch are painted in after all the greens.

You can see the variety of colors that I have on hand.  Since I am working in such a small area, it's easy to work rapidly enough to be able to blend it wet into wet!

Front porch almost complete!

I also added some browns and tans to the bottom sections of the outer walls to represent some dust being kicked up.

The roof of the porch was done in simple grays and browns to match the shingles that I was painting on the main roof.  

Stay tune for part two tomorrow!!!