Saturday, October 19, 2013

Send in the Guard!

Now that you have seen the scratch built Chimeras, it's time for the Stormtroopers that used to ride around in them!

I had two 'Plasma' squads, and two 'Melta' squads, like this one.

They were minimal sized units, perfect for taking objectives.  Plus, they could pop their little heads out of the back of the Chimeras and blast somebody along the way!

Each squad was a mix of new and old metal figures, and plastic as well.

I used all the same colors on these guys as I did the Chimeras and my Grey Knights

I made all of the bases as well, using my Sci-fi basing methods that are in the basing section of the blog.  In fact, this is where I developed those techniques!

Here's the whole gang!

Another squad tomorrow!!

Making your own rides

Recent conversations got me thinking about a set of scratch built Chimeras that I made for my beloved Demonhunter army back in the wonderful days of 4th editon. :-)

I made 4 of them in all, each one toting a small squad of Stormtroopers.  This is when troop choices really meant a lot, since it affected deployment in a huge way.

I have images from three of them in this post.

They were made from Sculpey, plasticard, matboard, foam, and even plastic tubes (brush protectors).

Keep in mind that I never had an actual Chimera to work with when I made these.  I was working from a few line drawings that I found in a 3rd edition I.G. codex!

I looked at the drawings over and over, which also had a line drawing of a Guardsman standing next to it.  So, using one of my I.G. minis, I tried to scale everything appropriately!

The turrets could be removed very easily.  Each one had a heavy flamer option.

This vehicle was the only one that had GW parts on it.  Everything else was made from scratch.

I forgot how much I liked these guys!  When I look at these pictures, I see that there was more detail than I remember.

Nobody could tell that these were scratch built , including GW employees!

These images show you a little better what I have been talking about.  Heck, even the Sculpey was mostly left over from other projects... hence the crazy quilt of colors!

The white materials are the matboard.  You can see the clear plastic brush protector that became a Multi-laser.

The total cost of making these things was just a few dollars, which was very sweet!  Obviously, there was a fair amount of time in building and painting them, but I will always like them the best!