Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The first round of bases

Hey folks!  I just made the first round of bases with the Happy Sepukku moulds!

I thought I would choose one of the sci-fi moulds, and see how I could incorporate that into my existing techniques

As you know, I use sculpey, cork, plasticard, and polystyrene tubes.  The Happy Seppuku moulds are meant to eliminate the need to constantly buy more plasticard textures.

What I loved about these was the possibility of chopping them up into smaller sections.  Sure enough, it worked like a charm!

I thought that I would do a few combinations with cork to start.

As you can see, I "broke" off one of the panels, and used oxide paste to secure it in place.  Then it was time to add some polystyrene tubes!

Tubes added... looking good!

I did some more smaller bases, once again chopping the big panel into smaller chunks.

Adding tubes along the way...

Here's the whole collection!  The silver bullets (irony, yes) are from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  You have seen me use those many times now.

By the way, I also added some green stuff brackets to attach the tubes.

My next post will show the process of painting these guys!