Sunday, June 15, 2014

Starting the bases.

Starting out with the gray primer...

Some quick layers of warmer colors for the undersides.

Like the marble that I painted on the Tomb Kings bases, some Deep Sea Green to get the marble under way.

The experiment continues.  I wanted to see what the conduits and pylons would look like if they were glowing.

Working up the marble.  I have to be careful to keep this subdued enough so that the iconography will show up.

I decided to 'Chaos up' a typical Necron symbol to see how it might work.

I certainly wanted to work in some Eye of Tzeentch!

Some more lights applied, getting set for the dark washes on the underside!

Quick glazes applied.  This tones down all those warm light colors, and gives a boost to the marble, and the lighter glowing stuff.

Stay tuned for the final images!

From junk to treasure... part one

Many years ago, I snagged a bunch of junky Necron minis.  They have been waiting for many years for something to be done with them.

After creating the Tzeentch tainted Tomb King army, I thought it could be fun to try the same kind of thing with the Necrons!  Lots of crazy colors, glowing stuff, and so on.

First I had to rescue a few figures... getting rid of mould lines, strengthening joints, and so on.

I also needed to make some test bases for them as well.  I had some pylon shapes from another project that I stuck on the bases.

I needed a bigger version for the Destroyer Lord.

Pinned figures being put into place!

Ready for priming!

Here's something new as well.  Chicken and black bean sauce.  I think I will have to try and make this for myself!!

A little different, eh?

It's always fun to see recovered junk at this stage of development!