Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rolling along...

I know that I have inundated you with lots of basing posts lately.  Here are some pictures I have had in my pocket for a little while of the Pillar of Light Heavy Support vehicle for the Holy Orders faction.

You can see them on the Wild West Exodus website here:

Looking at the concept art in a more controlled environment, I noticed that I had to adjust some colors I had done.  This is not uncommon.  Very often, adjustments have to be made... which is why I use the shaded basecoat technique and the glazing.

In this case, and area I had painted chrome had to be gold.

I spent a few days working on the gold overall, trying to get more green into certain areas.

I also tried to mix in more of the fluorescent yellow with my greens, to create extra pop.

Dark purple was used in the shadow areas to accentuate those brighter greens.  

On another long day's work session, I did the blue glow.  There was a TON of it, coming from all directions according to the concept art.

The runes took a loooooong time to work through, and around!

I did make a battlefield decision on the glowing gun, however.  I think the concept art showed it as a shiny barrel, but I went with crackling energy.

You can see the cleanup on the blue areas.  Much easier to see back in the studio with my magnifier light!

Once all the stuff on the top side was complete, I had to get into the wheels, which presented a whole different set of challenges.

Getting there!  Stay tuned :-)