Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Putting the cart before the horse

Today we have some very useful items from Mr. Lathan at Burn in Designs.  While these wagons and carts would be great for a number of gaming systems and RPG, you can guess how we will be utilizing these!!!

The link:

Yes indeed, the town of Wappelville will have some nice new wagons and carts for its citizens.

This is the original sheet of wood...

Take the tape off carefully, as there are a number of smaller bits, such as the wheel caps.

Two carts.

Two wagons!

And my new stash of punch out pieces!!!  Remember... always hang onto these, as they are VERY helpful in creating terrain and bases of your own.

Just keep in mind those charging stations!

There's a few ways you can put together the carts.  This one has the closed end on the back...

I used a regular super glue and wood glue.  The wood glue offers long term holding power.  The super glue helps to get things assembled more rapidly, but keep in mind that the wood will absorb some of the super glue.

Two carts ready to go!

I kept certain parts un-assembled so that they would be easier to paint.

I did a few smaller assemblies on the big wagons, such as the seat base and the axles. 

Remember to keep the textured sides facing up!

OK, this is about as much as I will assemble for now, as I want to get the paint on there first.

The hitch and yoke in position...

And hub caps on the wheels.

Carts ready for paint!

And the wagons.

We are definitely considering some rules for the wagons... if I can find some appropriate horses.

The idea is to have the wagons move through the streets in a manner similar to the civilians.

There would be some minimal stats applied to these, as far as movement, armor and such.  A posse member could have a few options... these might be jumping into the back and going prone, or even try to take control over the wagon itself!

That could add some serious cinematic effects to a game.  Also, we could work out some ramming stats if one of these out of control wagons happens to run over a hired hand or two.

I am definitely tempted to turn one of these wagons into the Wappeville Fire Department engine.

You have seen me postulate on some rules for the fire engines as it applies to buildings on fire.

I will take lots of pictures of the painting process, and then some shots with miniatures to give you an idea of scale.  Stay tuned!!!!

Not a snow angel

I believe that this lady is from Red Box Games, but I will confirm that and make adjustments to the text here as soon as I find out.

The sculpting and casting seems quite similar to the Tre Manor resin figures from a few months ago...

A few more of these gals on the way!