Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Blade and the Bow

Some of you might remember the step by step tutorial that I made using the unit of Red Box Games Archers.  Now it is time to see the finished pictures!

I hope the step by step images showed just how much fun it was to paint the blood effects on the snow!

Quite the bloody mess!  More to come!

Grey Matter

The date draws near... the minis are cast, and boxes being prepared.  That would be the four new factions for Wild West Exodus, and a whole lot more!

Of course, the Watchers will be among those factions heading to human habitats around the globe.

Just as with the previous Greys, I have had a lot of fun playing the warmer tones of the base (even the grass tufts from Kings Hobbies and Games), against the cooler and more neutral tones of the figure.

I think you can see some of that a little better in these views.

You can visit Outlaw Miniatures to order your own, supplement what rewards you may have on the way, or simply download the free rules PDF.  In addition, the cards for every character, unit and vehicle in the game are also available for download.