Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Ruins of the Maya

Today's basing adventure begins with the newest texture roller from Green Stuff World. This Mayan texture is highly detailed, and filled with all sorts of spectacular patterns.

These are the types of Sculpey that I normally use for the texture rollers.  My favorite is the Grey Extra Firm, but the super Sculpey version can also work in a pinch.  It does not quite have the post baking carving properties of the grey Sculpey, but it is also much less expensive.

Here's an article that takes you through the step by step process:

I made a set of bases using the sheet of grey Sculpey . 

Let's get a peek at the 30mm rounds.  I stayed with my standard cork and sculpey combination to place more emphasis on the design itself.

I added some oxide paste, sand, gravel and even crushed parsley flakes for extra texture around the edges . 

The larger the size of the bases,  the more of the various patterns can be included.
It's not necessary to continue the pattern with one clean sheet.

You can also use broken shards to fill out gaps, so be sure to hang onto those!

Again , the green material you see is parsley flakes added to create some ground cover textures which will be painted over.

These are 50mm versions. 

You can see on the base to the right that I utilized those extra broken pieces . 

This allows me to create multiple levels when stacked on top of the cork.

This was definitely my favorite part of the design!  I will probably add some skulls, tree roots and snakes later on.

One last look at the first set of Mayan ruins bases!  Stay tuned for much more!