Thursday, December 20, 2018

Interior Decor!

Here's a quick follow up episode to the Nouvion board series.  While it is not the step by step that I will be making in the future, it will still be useful!

I had hoped to make the interiors of the buildings look more 'lived in' as opposed to the usual blank wall interiors.  In the past I had printed out wallpapers for MDF buildings for our Wild West table, and I thought it would be just as nice for Bolt Action...

This meant doing a LOT of Google image searches, and then some work in Photoshop.  I measured out the floors of my buildings, and then patched together strips of the wallpaper which could be printed out.

You can see the small posters which take up the unused space on the page.  These were meant to be general advertisements, specific signage on various stores, and even propaganda posters.

Some patterns were more easily spliced than others.  I think I did six different types of wallpapers.  I also continued my sign/poster collection!

Each of these strips matches the height of my individual floors, so all I have to do it cut out the windows, doors, etc.

These were printed on printer paper which is also has an adhesive backing.  Basically, each 8.5 x 11 sheet is a gigantic sticker!  I have noticed that it is still a good idea to hit the surface where you are placing the paper with a glue stick in the corners for extra adhesion.  

You will be seeing these wallpapers and posters in a few new video battle reports in January, so stay tuned to the YouTube channel and subscribe!