Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's Colonel Sanders!

This was one of the more humorous Artizan miniatures.  I instantly thought of Colonel Sanders.

He will make a very interesting civilian for our Wild West Exodus games!  We might have to create a chicken shack!

First rule of Book Club: we never talk about Book Club

Grab your library cards and your reading spectacles folks!!!  Some serious book learnin' is coming to Wappelville!!

This is Carolina's Books, the newest establishment in Wappelville.

Yes, Lathan has been at it again, creating a truly amazing structure.  Just look at all the places where you can play peek a boo!!!

There's plenty of spaces for snipers on the roof, or even some close combat.

You can get to all the various levels by the way of interior ladders and stairways, which is very crucial in a game such as Wild West Exodus.

These covered balconies will allow for a lot of extra action types, as opposed to a more stand and shoot tete a tete.

The arches on the doors, balconies and windows are really distinctive, as it the roof crown.

These windows look fantastic!!!  Again, they go so well with all the other design elements.

Of course, more than looks were considered in the engineering of this marvel.  Each level gives you plenty of room to actually fit those miniatures!

I was able to get over a dozen figures on the various porches and overhangs with no problem.  That does not even count the roof or the interior!!

Looks like Judge Stern is about to go in and grab some more law books...

Did I mention interior?  Check this out!  This is the second floor.  Note the stairways and the ladders.

And for the ground floor.  Yes, those are book shelves!!  Hundreds of volumes.

And there's even a counter and register where you can make your purchases.

Sierra seems to have an issue over the reading choices that Judge Stern is making.  You know what they say about book club?

Monday, June 29, 2015

A bottle of rum

This is the final miniature in the set created for Clash for a Cure.

The Privateer Press buccaneers were a lot of fun!

I do have a set of group shots coming as well!  Stay tuned.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The best cookin' this side of the Mississippi

Mad Max?  Nah, how about Chef... and his food delivery service!!

You want it hot, you want it fresh?  Well... Chef doesn't guarantee any of those things, but his crew of Outlaws can deliver the pain.

This has become the core of my Outlaw posse from Wild West Exodus.

I think a few more Blackjacks and you will definitely get a Mad Max kinda feel to this posse.

While it does not have quite the bells and whistles of a typical Iron Horse, it does have the sneaky ability to crank out tons of shots.  I am starting to visualize these as escorts to the Mercenary Sand Buggy.

The idea is to put lots of up close and personal Outlaw characters in some Sand Buggies, and drive them across the board in among a bunch of Blackjacks.  

Not only are we talking about a TON of shots (as the Buggies have some dakka of their own), but you now force that inevitable choice of what the heck do you shoot at?

While the armor on all of these is by no means impregnable, if you scatter all the incoming rounds between 6-8 vehicles, those buggies have a much better chance of getting through!

A beast of a man

Mierce Miniatures strikes again, with beastman number eight.

The same fun colors on the skin.  It's already been a while since I painted these, so I'm trying not to forget the combo that was involved.  In used a little more yellow in these skin colors, which was balanced out by adding greyish purples.

I hadn't had a chance to do blood effects on more 'primitive' weapons like these.  Thus far, it had been on 40k miniatures or WWX. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dancing with the stars

Well, maybe she won't be participating in that, but she's certainly "cutting a rug", so to speak!

The Dark Sword dancing girl was a blast to paint.

I used a lot of the Reaper clear paints on the costume and the skin tones, mixing that in with touches of 'regular' paint.

The rug was printed out, just like the rug I used for the Sierra Icarus miniature.

She's also here:

Ladies first

This is the second of three Privateer Press figures that I painted for Clash for a Cure.

I love doing mini dioramas or vignettes such as these!!!

Here's a link to the charity website:

Friday, June 26, 2015

What lurks below

This Reaper figure is something I was looking forward to for quite a while!

It was also the perfect opportunity to experiment with some of the new paper foliage that I got at Reapercon!!

It was a lot of fun!!

She's also here:

The Awakening

As you all have noticed, the last 18 months or so has seen my obsession with new and interesting miniatures grow to ever higher levels.

We really live in a golden age of miniatures, where the choices just get more amazing!

You have seen many examples of those here, especially in the early phases.  Lots of those have been fully prepped, and are being painted.  They have proven to be just as enjoyable to paint as I had anticipated.

Another set of miniatures will be added to that list, as some Awaken Realms figures are on the way from across the sea.

The images of painted figures in this post are NOT mine. I figured it would be safe to show them here, as you also know that I don't use an airbrush.

Here we see a set of Demigods from Awaken Realms.

This montage gives you the best idea of all the pictures, displaying the evolution from concept art, to render, to a miniature that was cast and painted.

I am really looking forward to getting a chance to paint this one.  I have all sorts of ideas for the base, etc.

What strikes me most about each sculpt is the flowing lines.  This stylized look is what drew me in.  It is wonderful for my brushwork, as the larger rounds and filberts will be able to dance across these long, unbroken surfaces.

I will be able to do a lot of blending right there on the figure.

There are also Heroes in the game, such as this character.

Yet another example of the journey from concept to actual miniature.  Again, the unique lines and proportions of these figures should allow for many interesting effects.  I can see a lot of subtle color transitions going on with the armor!

This is just a few of many pledge options.  I wanted to show these to let you know that there is indeed a game connected with all these fantastic figures!

We see some of the early unlocks.  I especially like the one at $40k.  Yes indeed... a must have!!

This seemed to be the best way to give you a sampling of the Demigods and Heroes.

So, once I have the figures in hand, I will do the traditional unboxing post, complete with basing.

Stay tuned, and be sure to visit the campaign!!