Friday, June 10, 2016

The Army of Fire

We return to the realms of Mantic and their new Kings of War miniatures.  I have been working on a number of them, especially the Salamanders.

I have done a number of posts about them, showing what the sprues look like, etc., as well as different color schemes.

Some have been more "traditional" theme, and with lots of jungle vegetation.  This time around, I wanted to show the "Army of Ash" color set that I was visualizing for my own army.

The plan was to have a unit of the Salamanders advancing through a jungle, scorching it as they moved.

The weapons they carry really lend themselves to that firey theme, so I gave that a test run.  I really enjoyed this guy!  It was a classic contrast of the super warm and intense fluorescent oranges next to the very muted cooler colors... mostly grays.

I think this could make quite an interesting movement tray of 22-25 figures!!