Thursday, June 7, 2018

What Lurks Under the Sea

This is certainly one of the more unusual beasties that I have painted in the last 17 years!  It is one of several creatures that were part of a kickstarter a while back.  Here's a link to the campaign:

Once I received the new Mig Ammo OilBrushers, I had to test them out right away!  This seemed to be an interesting test subject, among other things.

I had been saving this figure and a few others for the arrival of the new OilBrushers, and there are 21 new colors, most of them more intense and saturated.  The first set of 21 was more in tune for weathering and working in earth tones, greens, and so on.

I wanted to show some of the main reasons that I like to use oil paints... chief among these is the extended drying time.  Through several hours of painting, I was able to blend areas to very smooth finishes very easily.

This was possible even long after the initial layers had been painted.  I also demonstrated how much less paint application is required when you work with oils.

There is a Facebook live session which shows the conclusion of the painting process... that link is here:

Before I went live on Facebook, I recorded the first few hours of the painting process, along with a discussion of the new Oilbrushers.  This recording has since been edited and processed, and is now a brand new Painting Pyramid tutorial video.

I recently posted the link to my Patreon page, which is available to my subscribers.  New pledge levels have also been added, and more are on the way!  Check that out here: